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A nutritionist told me how to start eating healthy food without disruption

It all starts with the refrigerator.

Professional nutritionist Svetlana FUS announced that provokes frustrations among those who was going to go on a proper diet and why is it so difficult to stick to a healthy menu.

According to experts, the most common problems are domestic issues. For example, did not have time to buy food, not enough energy after a hard day’s work to come up with something useful, etc.

“Then the course is the food which was waiting in the fridge was specifically and carefully left in reserve. In such cases, it is possible to use: quick to throw in the water and weld, or easy to slice and spread. And that, as a rule, dumplings, sausage, sausage, ketchup, mayonnaise, canned food … the List of such products is endless. Our food industry is working well!” – explained the expert.

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The nutritionist believes that it all starts with the refrigerator: whether he is a helper on the path to healthy eating, in the struggle for a beautiful figure?

“It is important to remember that 80% of success depends on the supply. And if you, waving his hand at all, just bought on the way frozen pizza, grilled chicken, butter and jam, you have to eat it their … in Fact the best food is that at hand! And healthy life again put off until tomorrow” – sadly noted FUS.

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