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A nutritionist told me how to log out of the post

Диетолог рассказал, как правильно «выходить» из постаWhat food to take on a picnic.

Yet a little while, and the coming holiday – Bright Resurrection. His trembling, waiting for religious people and particularly look for those who hold the post. Finally we can rightfully eat meat and sausage, eggs and cheese, which so bored the body. How to end a post and not to fast so as not to harm health.

Great post – it is voluntary, says the gastroenterologist of the Kiev hospital on railway transport No. 2 doctor of the highest category of Lyudmila Fedorchenko. – If the person decided to stick to the diet consciously, then, in addition to spiritual purification, it can be a springboard to a more healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition. Out of food restrictions, which lasted seven weeks, to slowly, gradually. How to do it correctly, reglamentary and the Church, and suggest to our national traditions. In my Easter basket the main products are eggs, painted in different colors. But the hard-boiled egg – just hard food, so it’s best to cook it soft boiled. To eat more than two eggs a day is not recommended. If someone has problems with digestion, helps enzyme preparations. Need one or two pills.

– And how much you can eat Easter cake?

– Only a small slice. The hostess cakes traditionally baked on Thursday, so by Sunday morning they will not be as fresh, and it was good. Those who fasted strictly, you can eat a slice of cheese Easter.

– What food are still allowed in the holiday Sunday?

– Dairy products: yogurt, fermented baked milk, natural yoghurt. Good fish is rich in protein, which is transferred softer, easier to digest. The fish is better not to fry, bake, boil or cook for a couple. Feeding, watering lemon juice. This will facilitate the digestion. With fish you need to start return to the usual diet. And the meat to postpone for a second and then on the third day. It is better to choose meat of young animals and birds: fallow veal, Turkey, rabbit. It is easier to digest. Easter is a good light holiday and to meet his needs with joy, not to overeat. Let’s not forget that gluttony is a sin.

– It is difficult to imagine a festive table without leg, homemade sausages. These products because many people also sanctify.

– Pork is fatty, so the meat dishes from it suggest there is not a Sunday, a few days later. Also the feast, do not lean on the sausage, especially at home. Such a sharp blow on the digestive system of the body is unlikely to adopt a Bang.

The more on the table of different vegetables, the better for health. You can bake the slices of pumpkin, seasoning them with garlic or smeared with honey. Healthy and tasty boiled beetroot, if it is cut into slices, add chopped cheese, arugula leaves (they spice up), sprinkle the seeds, season with olive oil – it is not a festive salad? In General, with the onset of heat, many people lean more on vegetable food, and rightly so. Half of the daily ration, which is now pictured in a plate of healthy food are vegetables and fruits.

Over the long winter, we are looking for fresh salad greens, green onions, dill, radishes, cucumbers. But plant proteins are less digestible than animal. By the way, today in the world is welcome intuitive nutrition: the body tells itself what it needs.

– What can you drink during the meal?

– On the first day after leaving the post should not drink more than 200 grams of dry wine, and strong alcohol is not recommended at all. It is important to drink half to two liters of fluid per day: this will help to cope with the abundance of the protein of animal food from which the body is unaccustomed.

This year Easter blends in with the May 1 holiday. A closer to nature: take a walk, barbecue. What are the dangers in terms of digestion await vacationers?

– I must say that on a picnic you should not take the salad, dressed with mayonnaise: it spoils quickly, and if the container gets the germs, it can become dangerous. It is better to eat grilled vegetables or fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, radishes. Contrary to the fears of many people believe that barbecue is the perfect meal. The meat is pre-marinated and already in a pot, it began to break down protein ties that facilitate digestion. A great marinade for meat products, which contain organic acids: juices, kiwi, pomegranate, lemon. But you can use regular mineral water. In the same way meat should marinate for cooking at home: it will be baked quickly, it will be juicier and tastier. To the meat to serve baked potatoes.

– For barbecue, many vacationers take a beer…

– Not the best choice. Beer is a drink heavy with a rich taste. It is not called “liquid bread”. The meat is more suitable wine.

– And what better dessert to bring camping?

– We also have delicious cakes with raisins, candied fruit, rolls with jam, poppy. Cheese kulichikah nature is not worth taking, because it is prepared without heat treatment. Many people love sweet drinks. Nothing bad will happen if a healthy person drinks a couple of glasses of this drink. You can allow delicious Cup of coke or lemonade and baby. In French families, for example, there is a children’s menu and the child brings up your taste buds, tasting sour, bitter, salty – everything on the table. American Pamela Druckerman even wrote a book about it: “French children don’t spit food.” The food is wonderfully narrated in the famous “Book of tasty and healthy food”, first published in 1939. Children with adults lunch and dinner, along the way learning how to behave at the table. Learn which fork and knife to do where Pyrozhkov plate, which is served in a transparent decanter. When the child grows up, he will not have problems with socialization. It is impossible to give children a rigid framework, and encourage or punish Goodies. Nobody comes to mind to say to her husband: not yet eat some soup, does not get beer.

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