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A nightmare on elm street, a NEW remake of the … details.

You ask – we answer! In the news about the “Curse of 3” we briefly mentioned the upcoming new remake of “a Nightmare on elm street” and – wow, what a surprise – many immediately began to spit on stories from the lives of ed and Lorraine of Warren, you details of this re-remake KNOW give 🙂

Well, we have something to say on this subject.

In fact, the RUMOR about it appeared in the summer of 2015. Then it became known that a new film script was instructed to write to David Johnsonthe same guy who wrote the story “the conjuring 2” and write the script of “Curse 3”. We wrote about the search for a new actor to play Freddy Krueger:

According to insider information, the role of horror icon Freddy Krueger will look for a new actor as Robert Englund (“classic” Freddy from the original film in 1984 and its sequels) this image is too old, and Jackie Earl Haley, who played Freddy in the 2010 remake, albeit a good actor, but in the image, according to Studio bosses did not fit.

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Fresh information is not much, but it’s there. First, it confirmed (and NO longer a rumor) that Johnson is indeed working on the script. But this project is not in the Studio, New Line in priority, since now all efforts are aimed at rapidly expanding and highly successful kynoselen “Curse”, plus – don’t forget! – the approach is potentially the highest grossing movie rated R of all time – “It” by Stephen king.

Johnson will soon be busy with the script “Spell 3” so that it is not necessary to wait for the next film about the Kruger in the near future.

However, on IMDB showed up ready synopsis re-rameka:

When Brenton Higgins began to appear in the dreams of other people, he did not know that is the illegitimate son of Freddy Krueger. Returning to his native elm street, Brenton learns the secrets of his past and is confronted by Freddy. At the same time on the Brenton leads the hunt is still mysterious, the secret service, working for the government. Hunters headed by Professor Matthew Lacquer, which wants to gain power over the gift of Brenton, but does not understand that to do this he will have to meet with Kruger…

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Sounds awful, agree. Some of Indian cinema interspersed with secret conspiracies. Fortunately, this synopsis is nothing more than a fake, redistributable not the most attentive fans of the franchise. To reality this story is irrelevant. And when will the REAL news – we’ll let you know, no doubt!

Watch for news from us !

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