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A nightmare, from which it is prohibited to get out. Review of the film “the Dark song”

Sofia’s life was filled with grief after the death of his son. She invites occultist Joseph Solomon in the old house, lost among the emptying of the land of Wales to perform the rite of Abramelin, and to encourage other entity through which it will be possible to talk again with the dead child.

Whether you love low budget movies like we love it? No, of course, it’s nice to see the screen impeccably drawn CGI monsters or caste of actors that can play well, but not as usual – a little better than bricks in the wall… but, you see, when the case connected a lot of money, the risk of failure is minimized, and often in such films smooth out sharp corners. Often there is not even the horror element, reminiscent of dark kripotou tale. We also, of course, love, but sometimes you want to just watch a good scary thing. And here come to the aid of enthusiasts, ready to make cheap, cheerful and responsible.

One of them was an Irishman Liam Gavin, whose first film, “A Dark Song” (Dark song) for a year is riding on the international festivals in the hope to find a way on the wide screen. Yet it turns out not very of the achievements only limited release in the territories of Ireland, UK, USA and, in fact, access to digital media. However, oddly enough, the painting great criticism, solid scores on Metacritic and Imdb, and in many reviews he boldly mentioned among the best works of last year, along with “Witch”, “Demon inside”, “Spell 2” and many others.

Well, a great reason to watch it.

I must say that all the circumstantial evidence it has to be a complete failure and secondary in all aspects. Two actors, an empty house an hour and a half sucked a thousand times story about the desperate conversation of a parent with a dead child and a pinch of autism tralovogo of the occult.

It would seem, well what can I do?

However, surprisingly the movie is catchy from the first minute and drags the viewer into some kind of horrible symbiosis of the worlds of Gustav Meyrink and early by James WAN; and even warm may day does not get rid of the Horde icy needles coming out to see what the occultists. In the merit of quality and teamwork as actors and crew, who managed to make a fairly stereotypical and cheap horror stories, perhaps one of the best paintings on the theme of the Kabbalistic rites in the last decade.

“Dark song” is essentially a theater of two actors, Susan Loney and Steve Oram, and I must say that both have coped well with their roles. The opposition is ready for all of the victims and the psycho-occultist translates into something more than just a horror film is a psychological dive into the madness of two broken individuals, each of which pursues its own goals in a dark ritual. Their desperate desires – the driving force of history and focus the audience’s attention, because it is doubly pleasant plausibility of the depicted characters. Perhaps, I will not lie if I say that this is one of the best acting duos I’ve seen in a chamber of horror in the last few years.

Regarding the topic of the Kabbalistic rites, here, too, all at a surprisingly decent level. Of course, to the mystic symbolism Meyrink “Dark song” Oh, how far, but it does – creates a dramatic authentic atmosphere. After the heroes completing a line of salt around the house, the world around them ceases to exist. The days are filled with numerous rites that require strict and full compliance, and if you break even one of them, immediately followed by retribution. Gradually the lives of the characters turns into a nightmare from which it is prohibited to get out. There is only one way – forward, to more violent rituals and even greater punishment for their violation. But will you hear the call?

And if so, by whom?

This movie is really scary. Kabbalistic entourage written with love, scenery tastefully decorated. Even the authentic soundtrack to the disgrace in connection darkest dark ambient canvases with stray motifs of Jewish folk music.

However, as you know, if the year presentations, the picture could come out only in limited release, somewhere must be a catch. And indeed it is. Unfortunately, the movie has serious script flaws that turns a third of the strips into a chain of repetitive situations with a confused explanation. The finale, alas, also not enough strong blow, although he is clearly a good point and puts. And yet we cannot say that it is too harmful to the picture before us is a cheap film that does everything possible to move into the category of the highest class, and he succeeds. He is terrible, he is interesting and he clearly aimed at a thoughtful and sophisticated audience, such work is nowadays less and less.

Verdict: 7 points out of 10, surprisingly strong and inventive film, perfectly reflects the theme of the Kabbalistic rites. By viewing is recommended.

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