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A new video shows a reference to the books of king’s “Dark tower”!

As you know, Stephen king tried to associate with the literary series “the Dark tower” the best of their works. And so for a long time we tormented the question – not whether marks the release of the film “the Dark tower” the emergence of cinema-the king of the universe? Moreover, even in the first trailer were found a reference to “It” and “Lights”, then became aware of the fact that the film will also cameo cujo.

However, this “Easter eggs” in the film does not end there. Sony just released a new promotional video, in which careful eyes will find some more references to the works of the Masters.

Here’s what I guess-we have identified. We have questions on a couple of frames, so now comes your time, Kingo-fans! Help us with the identification of even a couple “Easter eggs”.

A reference to the novel (and film) “1408”.

Looks like a reference to the novel (and the series) “Mr. Mercedes”.

Cujo, good dog!

By the way, in the window behind the dog and its owner can notice a huge Easter egg… someone else.


The reference to the “Escape from Shoushenka” (poster with actress Hayworth).

Model of cars… it’s Kristina!

The reference to “misery”, one of the books Paul Sheldon.

The overlook hotel from the Shining.

Again a reference to cujo or not?..

This is another reference to the “Sinew” or not?

The film itself, recall, received a rating of PG-13 and will be released already on August 3, 2017.

Main character gunslinger Roland Distin who went in search of the Dark Tower — the Bastion of the Universe holding all the worlds from chaos and destruction.

The magic number is “19”. Oh say it more.

After simple research, we managed to collect quite a lot of information about what is the significance of the number “19” (or “19-19”) in the life and work of Stephen king:

1. The area where the ROSE Plot No. 298 (19) and block # 19;
2. Claudia y Inez Bachman (Claudia Innes Bachman) (19 letters);
3. Richard Patrick Sayre (Richard Patrick Sayer) (19 letters);
4. Donald Frank Callahan (Donald Frank Callahan) (19 letters);
5. The book “Charlie Choo-Choo” copyright 1936. (19);
6. Wayne Dale Overholser (Wayne Dale Overholser) (19 letters);
7. Directive 19 – order of Andy on the limitation information in the “Wolves”;
8. In the branches of a tree to read figure 19;
9. Piercing forms figure 19;
10. Eddie sees 19 out of the fire;
11. 19 books left on the table after Jake buys two;
12. The song the Rolling Stones playing from the music store called “19 nervous breakdown”;
13. Rose petals 19;
14. “corner of 19th” American bar, where Callahan gets drunk after the “jump”;
15. Walter, in Tallaght, spoke to Norton about the “19” as the password to the secret of the next world;
16. North traveled to Devyatnadtsatiletnyaya when he died;
17. The number of working rigs in Citgo – 19;
18. The conclusion which wrote the king to the book “Wolves of the Calla” is dated; February 15, 2002. 15+2+0+0+2=19;
19. “Code 19” warning, police said, when Roland was in the mind of Jack mort;
20. 19 in Thale – the password that Walter tells Ellie, she learns about the torture suffered by the North in the land of the dead;
21. Luggage storage at number 19 on the world Trade Center;
22. The number of days spent at the seaside – 19;
23. In the bar of Sheba was 19 people, not counting Roland;
24. Ellie draws 19 in a puddle on the bar;
25. Suzane cut the legs 19 Aug 1959;
26. “Avenue of the Americas” 19 letters of the street where was the office of Jack mort;
27. 19 – the number of days (on foot) to the Dark Tower from home Jo Colin;
28. 1972 (9+1+7+2=19) year when Joe Colin moved to the Middle World;
29. Stephen king was 19 years old when he began to think about writing “the Dark tower”;
30. Susannah/MIA stopped in room No. 1919 of the Plaza hotel, the Park Hyatt;
31. 19 – the combination of numbers that uses MIA to lock up Black Thirteenth in the safe of a hotel room;
32. Eddie and Susannah are Ka-aunt of Nineteen;
33. Chesset means 19 and password to the doors new York/Fedik under a restaurant, the Dixie pig;
34. Benjamin Slightman Jr. (Benjamin Laitman Junior) 19 letters;
35. Often collecting firewood, members of the ka-theta collected in 19 branches;
36. . “A house of worship the Methodists of the East Stoneham” (the Double City Hall Meeting in Calle). Built in 1819, the Sum of the digits is 19;
37. Serial number Andy was a DNF-44821-V-63. The sum of the first numbers is equal to 19;
38. The Dark Tower VII: 12 letters + VII (Roman room 7) = 19;
39. Detta Susannah Walker (19 letters). DETA Suzanne Walker;
40. Ted Stevens Brautigan (19 letters). Ted Stevens Brautigan;
41. 6 rays + 12 portals + 1 Tower = 19;
42. 2 Hammarskjold Plaza, Hammarskjold Plaza – 2 (17 letters, plus “2” = 19);
43. Tyrannasorbet Wrecks – Tyrannosaure Rex (19 letters);
44. Password who knew Mordred to open the front door to the Experimental Station 16 square arc, in the control center to let Nigel was 2 5 4 1 3 1 2 1. In the amount of 19;
45. In the driveway to “Sarah Laughs” was a shield with the number 19, with Turtleback lane;
46. Calvin tower and Aaron dipno left in the house No. 19 and the man;
47. This king remembered Luddite religious sect of the 19th century;
48. This king thinks he met his wife when he was 19, but not sure;
49. Hotel room, where Susannah /MIA was on the 19th floor;
50. Cheney, Goodman and Werner died 19 Jun 1964;
51. This king looks “Star wars” and ponders the publication of “Arrow” in the magazine of fantasy July 19, 1977;
52. 19 Jun 1980, This king learns that the don Grant would like to release limited edition “Arrow”;
53. This king finished writing “removing the three” September 19, 1986;
54. This king received the author’s copy of the book “Retrieval of three” June 19, 1987
55. In his journal, This king says that he is very upset about something. On October 19, 1987.
56. This king stumbles upon the book “Shardik” July 12, (12 + 7 months=19) 1989;
57. This king ends the “Barren lands” of 19 January 1990;
58. June 19, 1995, This king feels a strong desire to begin writing the book “the wizard and the Crystal”;
59. This king reports on how far he progressed in the writing “Kick”, about the true nature of Walter o Darkness (Dima)(Dim o), and a case of feeling some embarrassment on 19 July 1995;
60. This king finishes writing “the wizard and the Crystal” October 19, 1995;
61. August 19, 1997, This king receives one of the first copies of “the Sorcerer and the Crystal”;
62. This king says a nightmare in the New Year. After these dreams he writes “6/19/99 O Discordia” January 2, 1999;
63. 19 June 1999, This king writes in his journal that he was a grandfather and the whole family celebrated Father’s Day. He also wrote that he would go for a walk. On the same day, he dies in a car accident;
64. One of the doors under the Dixie pig leads Dallas in November 1963 (Kennedy’s death) (1+9+6+3=19) (Several other 19 are in the magazine Causing the king to the end of the book “Song of Susannah” is to distinguish it from the real king, though there may be more);
65. Poster Richard Penniman in the Dixie pig dated 1954. (1+9+5+4=19);
66. The first number, which is read by Brautigan in the mind of the doctor– 748 (7+4+8=19);
67. 73-75 skipped.
68. Million Dollar Bridge, Million Dollar bridge(19 letters);
69. Radio Brian Smith playing Steel Dan’s “Hey Nineteen(Nineteen)”;
70. Radio Brian Smith also plays the song by Owt-Ray-Juss’ “Gangsta Dream 19” (19-th dream of the gangster biggrin.gif );
71. Roland, Ysh and Tissenbaum are 19 (or 20) blocks from a public Parking lot new York to Hammarskjold Plaza 2;
72. Watch that Tete Korpareyshn gave Roland cost 19 thousand dollars;
73. One of the dates at the end of TB-19 June 1970;
74. Not impressed with the Roland says “Piss on nineteen”;
75. In “Wolves of the Calla,” Eddie exclaims “I feel nineteen”;
76. 88-94 skipped.
77. In the official illustrations, where Roland holds a clock, the branches can be seen figure 19;
78. One of the simple figures in the solution of tasks blaine is 19
79. 97;
80. In the first dream Suzanne of new York with Jake, Eddie, and hot chocolate, the voice says that this is the year “NINETEEN”;
81. When the ka-tet has taken 19 seriously, Jake called it a “Mysterious Number”;
82. When Roland asks how many fairy tales on the American side, the ka-tet replied in unison, “Nineteen” and Ysh echoed his “Girl fifteen”;
83. Eddie cuts the number 19 on one of his animal figures, and jokingly thinks of it as a brand “Nineteen”;
84. Jake’s thinking about “Nineteen modern fairy tales” such as “the lion, the witch and the wardrobe” or “Peter pan”, at the moment when they first time go to Todash;
85. Nickname that gave Calvin tower Jake is “Hyperborean Wanderer” (Giborim-MAV) 19 letters;
86. In the back room of the Manhattan Restaurant of the Mind Jake sees a calendar with Robert Browning, a man of the 19th century;
87. Fimalo, and Fumalo, Feemalo (19 letters) – from ТБ7;
88. Trudy, Damascus sees Susannah/MIA when she gets to new York, exactly at 1:18 Eastern time. (1+18=19);
89. The second child spreading king’s name is Joseph Hillstrom King (19 letters);
90. Nigel, serial number DNK 45932, suggests that locked doors 595. (5+9+9=19);
91. Joe Collins, Made in U. S. A. (19 letters);
92. Joe Collins of Odd”s Lane (Joe Collins of Odds lane) (20 letters – remove “s” = 19);
93. Forty Sixth and Second (Forty-sixth and Second)- 19 letters;
94. Robert Browning wrote the poem “Childe Roland to the Dark Tower came” 1855. (1+8+5+5=19);
95. Susan Delgado of Mejis (Susan Delgado of Medica)- 19 letters;
96. Roland the Gunslinger (Roland Arrows) – 19 letters;
97. Roland Deschain, of Eld (Roland diskan Lidsky) – 19 letters;
98. Oh SUSANNAH-MIO, divided girl of mine, done parked her RIG in the DIXIE PIG in the year of 1999. “Oh Susannah-Mio, forked my girl. Moored your BRIG already in the Dixie PIG, in the year ‘99”. (AST, “Wolves of the Calla”). A total of 19 words, if we assume Susannah-MIA in one word, Yes 1999 contains figure 19;
99. When Eddie orders the robot Andy off, Andy answers him that the trip was completed by 19%.

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