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A new version of “Jacob’s Ladder” is rated R

No matter how strange and stupid it seemed not the intention of the Director David M. Rosenthal (“the Perfect guy”) to re-tell a deep, dark and psychedelic story called “Jacob’s Ladder”, at least this remake will be something to see. Especially fans of the spectacle “harder”.

In the network appeared information about the fact that the remake got from the organization MPAA “adult” rating of R for “violence, sex, drug-taking and coarse language”. That is, the cinemas will be allowed only the audience over the age of 18. In recent years, these coveted for the horror genre the numbers on the posters surprise than “Deadpool” and “It” clearly showed that blood films with swearing and nudity are able to collect a six-figure sum at the box office – but we still rejoice every time. Who knows, maybe “Jacob’s Ladder”-2019 will be quite on the level of the original?

The plot of the film, 1990, authored by Adrian Lyne talked about how

Jacob (James) singer, wounded in Vietnam, returns home to new York. Tormented by memories of the son, and of the horrors of war, James gradually loses control over reality. But in the end it turns out that only his friend Louis is the only person Jacob can count. The case takes an even darker turn when he learns that his comrades-in-arms suffer from similar hallucinations.

The main role in the new version got Jesse Williams (“Cabin in the woods”), and the company he was Michael Or (“Seven lives”, “underworld: Awakening”), guy Burnet (“ray Donovan”), Karl Sauce (“How to get away with murder”) and Nicole Bahari (TV series “Sleepy hollow”).

The premiere is expected next year.

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