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A new trend in the housing market in Ukraine: foam home without a Foundation

Новый тренд на рынке жилья в Украине: пенопластовые дома без фундаментаDevelopers houses-transformers assure that such housing does not need a permanent address.

A house without a Foundation gaining popularity in Ukraine. They are warm and light, and are cheaper than the traditional one. There are even those who laid out and collected in a matter of hours – for example, housing 44 sq. m. two persons can easily “pack” to the size of the container.

“He doesn’t need a permanent residence permit, he does not need a Foundation. In the summer it can be put on the river, and in winter to bring in Kiev”, – says one of the developers houses-transformers Alexander Klimenko.

At the house of estt built into the walls of mains and supply pipes. If you hide the pillars on which the building stands, it could be mistaken for a brick. It’s just so much easier, because the Foundation wall foam. This housing is heated by low cost of electricity – the house is like a thermos.
Besides, the house is very solid – one screw holds 60 kg of load, that is, withstands the mountain of dishes in the kitchen cabinets.

“This material is stable. He is not afraid of the cold or fire. And especially impacts,” says the author of the plastic houses Oscar Mendez.
The Colombian technology invented specifically for families who have no housing and considerable resources to it.

Built in Ukraine and another alternative to houses made of concrete and brick. The producers remembered the ancient materials – briquettes from straw of wheat or barley, covered with clay. They make warm and lasting wall.

The designers claim – each technology at least half the price of erecting a conventional brick house.

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