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A new trailer of the remake of the FLATLINERS terrifying

A new trailer for “It” today. A little more, a little bit. In the meantime, as a warm-up watch the second international trailer of the mystical horror film “Flatliners” (Flatliners) – creepy clown in it, but horror in General, enough.

Though nothing really new movie offers no – well, Yes, in the end, it’s a remake of the eponymous 1990 movie. In the original, directed by Joel Schumacher, starred a young Julia Roberts, Kevin bacon, Kiefer Sutherland and William Baldwin. The Director of the remake was Niels Arden Oplev (“the Girl with the dragon tattoo”), and the main role went to Ellen page, Nina Dobrev, Diego Luna and other actors.

A group of medical students decide to penetrate into the mystery of nothingness, in turn introducing each other to a state of clinical death, while the side effects of the experiment did not begin to threaten their lives.

The Russian Prime Minister is expected to 28 September 2017.

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