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A new species of tyrannosaurs

Открыт новый вид тираннозавровPaleontologists don’t know the exact number of species of dinosaurs.

Australian and American paleontologists have discovered a new species of tyrannosaurs, which he called Daspletosaurus horneri. This was reported in the journal Scientific Reports.

Animal bones were found in Montana (USA). As researchers found, in height dinosaur was up to 2.2 meters, a length of nine meters.

Front part of the head Daspletosaurus horneri was covered with a protective layer of flat scales with high tactile sensitivity. Probably this protection and sensitivity helped the Daspletosaurus horneri to identify the victim and to capture prey. Face these dinosaurs resembled those of modern crocodiles.

Scientists say that horneri Daspletosaurus lived in the late Cretaceous period (around 66-100 million years ago).

Tyrannosaurs are one of the genera of dinosaurs. Large predatory animals lived on the territory of modern North America. Paleontologists don’t know the exact number of species of dinosaurs.

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