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A new series of stories by Philip K. dick

The name of the American science fiction writer Philip Kindred dick known almost any cinephile – the number of adaptations and the audience award, his works can compete with film adaptations of books by Stephen king. “Running on the razor’s edge,” “total Recall,” “minority report”, “the Clouding”, “Loudmouths”, “paycheck”… the familiar names and landmarks in the history of sci-fi cinema, decade after decade, confirming the relevance and importance of the work of its author.

All fans of the master in a hurry to announce the good news: successful launch of the series “Man in the high castle” in 2015 year, “Amazon studios” gave the green light to other heritage adaptations of Philip K. dick, and very soon we will see a new television series “Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams” (Electric dreams of Philip K. dick), Executive producers which among others will perform Ronald D. Moore, Michael Donner and actor Bryan Cranston, who also will star in one of the roles. Himself Cranston commented his part as follows:

“Finally, electric dream will become a reality. We’re very excited about the opportunity to explore and develop topics found in the incredible work of this talented writer.”

According to official information, the series will consist of ten independent episodes, each of which will form the story of dick. Production will be engaged in “Sony Pictures Television”, and the film will be screened on British channel Channel 4 this year. The first four episodes will be available for preview in the Amazon network, and already know the names of filmed short stories: “ticket”, “planet, which was not”, “Crazy diamond” and “the Father is double”.

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