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A new program from Google for iPhone is now available in Europe

Новая программа от Google для iPhone стала доступна в ЕвропеNow a new application can install and you.

Standalone application assistant Google voice Assistant (Google now) for mobile devices running the iOS operating system, was released for users in Europe.

Recall that Google Assistant for iOS was released in may at the opening of the conference for developers Google I/O 2017. Then the app became available for US, and now he can download and install also users in the UK, Germany and France.

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Of course, Google Assistant will not be able to work on the iPhone just like on Android. According to the developers, due to API limitations, the Assistant will provide basic functionality like sending messages in iMessages and run songs in the Spotify app, but will not be able to set alarms and reminders.

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Google Assistant for iOS is available for free download from the App Store.

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