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A new patch for Borderlands 2 on the PC adds a bit of optimization

Новый патч для Dishonored 2 на PC добавляет немного оптимизацииThe developers have made a lot of changes.

Dishonored 2 on the PC is now suffering from history in the spirit of “Buy the game now, and any problem we’ll fix later”. To the credit of Bethesda Softworks and Arkane Studios, the patches are stamped relatively quickly. Now you can download the second update, which adds a bit of optimization and fastens additional configuration.

Like last time, patch 1.2 need to look at the beta version of Mafia 2 in your Steam library. The developers have made a lot of changes, but among the highlights are the following:

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* General performance improvements and optimization;
● Automatic selection of the graphics settings changed according to player feedback and problems discovered;
● In settings you can limit the framerate (up to 120 FPS, to avoid problems with the physics);
● Several changes in the logic of the game;
● Fix issues with the user interface;
● Fix issues with the control via mouse and keyboard and a gamepad (the mouse smoothing by default set to the minimum);
● Fix issues with Alt-Tab;
● Fix issues with multiple monitors;
● New settings:
— Limit fps;
— Sharpen TAA;
— More settings for vertical sync;
— Triple buffering.

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Arkane Studios encourages owners of NVIDIA install driver 375.95, as 375.70 375.86 and discovered performance degradation in Dishonored 2. About AMD no word yet.

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