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A new novel Joe hill will be released in Russian autumn!

Publishing house “Eksmo” (or just “e”) rolled the cover of the latest novel by Joe hill “Fire” (The Fireman). The original book came out about a year ago, translation in Russian was engaged in School Bakanova and specifically Alexei Andreev, who worked on the “Hill” of John. G. Ballard.

“Fire” will be released in a series “novelties of foreign mysticism”, which had previously published other novels of the hill “Horn” and “Country Christmas.” With covers of this series are not very lucky, but now it has turned bad. At least, the Central art. The author of the picture: Valery Petelin.

Although the books we love not for the cover, right? The contents are much more interesting. And that’s what hill came up with this time:

No one knows where and when it started. A new epidemic is spreading across the country like wildfire. It’s “Dragon scales” — an extremely infectious fungus causes a beautiful black and gold spots on the body similar to a tattoo, and then burned media in the outbreak of spontaneous ignition. Millions are infected, and no vaccine. There is no security. Volunteer teams are killing and burning peddlers dispute.
But there is a mysterious Fire, his skin covered with “scales”, it controls the burning of his body and uses it to protect other patients. In these desperate times, the nurse Harper Grayson must uncover the secrets of the Fire before turning to ashes.

The novel won the award “Locus” in the category “Best horror novel”, thus it is safely recommended to all lovers of the (post)Apocalypse. It looks like a fiery blend of psychological horror and quirky End of the world. Writer George RR Martin Creator of “Game of thrones”, told about “Fire” are the following:

Original and applause can’t stop playing!

If we can break away we’ll find out this fall. The book should go on sale in late September or early October.

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