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A new novel from the series “Dead Space” will be released in Russian in September

Back in March we told you about the great endeavor of publishers from ABC/ABC-Atticus, who undertook the publication of a literary cycle in the world of Dead Space. The first sign was a novel by Brian Evenson “the Martyr”, the story which develops for a few hundred years before the events of the original game. But already then it was clear that one book will not suffice.

Autumn will see the release of the second novel by Evenson from the “Dead space” under the name “Catalyst” (Catalyst). A new piece of science fiction mixed with horror. And, it seems, we will get acquainted with another space prison. Films like the third “Alien” and “Chronicles of Riddick” had managed to successfully use such scenery, look what came from Evenson.

Official abstract:

The lives of Stephens and Yancey Sato under the dome with an artificial atmosphere was simple: school, games, a house with unloving sons mother. The eldest of the brothers, Istvan, was not of this world, he was deeply immersed in himself, saw things never seen, and Yancey looked out for him, rescued from alterations. The brothers parted ways after their mother landed in a mental institution. Yancey graduated from high school and became a pilot, Stephen long gone from his sight and once again reminded of themselves by shooting at a large crowd of people known policy. Without any court Stephen hid in a secret prison on a remote desert planet. Yancey could not forgive himself for not protecting his brother and goes to find him.

Look at the cover below. The style remind you of anything? Oh Yes, if you are a regular reader of the Zone of Horror, you must know the hand of Christopher Shae, a famous watercolor artist, about which we wrote many times. Good to see what is really there. By the way, Shay and illustrated the graphic novel “Dead Space: Salvage,” which is in the plans of the publishing house “AST”. How do we know both books will be released simultaneously.

“Catalyst” according to preliminary information should appear on sale in September this year. Him as a “Martyr,” translated Timothy Matyuhin.

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