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A new method of struggle against excess weight allows you to burn more fat

Новый метод борьбы с лишним весом позволяет сжигать больше жираThe method still need to check on the people.

In the area of weight loss made a scientific breakthrough – the specialists of the University of Copenhagen has found an effective way to lose weight, can suppress appetite and burn more energy. On the finding of Danish researchers told the journal Nature Communications.

Scientists have figured out how to make the body lose more fat by acting on receptors associated with immersion in cold water. In cold conditions the body produces brown fat, activating energy production and, consequently, weight loss.

However, the main goal of the scientists was to find a method that would allow not only to accelerate the fat consumption. Study leader, associate Professor Kristoffer Clemmensen, said that for effective weight loss you need to “create a negative energy balance, to get people to eat less”.

Finding substance (icilin), able to activate the cold receptor, the experts began to look for a means to suppress appetite. The substance they found, he was given a letter code DMPP. This compound acts on the nicotinic receptor and thus affects glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity.

Combining icilin and DMPP, the participants received a part, contributing to weight loss. In the experiment with mice this “cocktail” has led to weight loss in animals with obesity was 12% in 20 days by accelerating metabolism and increased sensitivity to glucose.

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