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A new “Curse” will affect John Cho

The acting team for the filming of the second American remake of the Asian horror movie “the Curse” continues to gain new names. Today, caste was joined by South Korean actor John Cho, whose role is not yet disclosed.

Cho is known for her involvement in a full-length trilogy, “Star trek” where he played Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu, and for the TV series “the exorcist” from FOX. With him in the new “Curse” will play Andrea Riseboro (“Black mirror”) and Damian Bichir (“Disgusting eight”). For producing the film meets the Pope “evil dead” Sam Raimi, and in a chair labeled “Director” sits Nicholas Sand, the Creator of the horror film “my mother’s Eyes”. Script to restart wrote Jeffrey Buhler (“Midnight Express”).

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Synopsis the 2004 version was:

The curse of the dead inhabit the places where they lived, waiting for a new victim. When the curse finds a new victim — she was dying. And the curse is only getting stronger. And so, killing the victim after victim, once cast a curse as the virus spreads and weaves a network of terror.John Cho

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