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A new book by Stephen king!

The publishing house “AST” did not disappoint. Promised to release the new product in December – and released. Another book authored by King of Horror slowly begins to spread across the Russian shops, than all the readers and congratulations.

We are talking about the story “On the rise” (Elevation), published as a separate volume in the series “the universe of Stephen king”. The book was thin (192 pages) but cute. Right now to purchase the specimen, you can store Бук24. Further – everywhere.


Scotty Carey — the average American is not exactly a common problem: he is rapidly losing weight, but outwardly remains the same. No matter whether it is weighed in the clothes, the pockets of which are stuffed with small change, or no — scales show the same numbers.
In addition, Scott’s worried about something else.. His new neighbors Deidre McComb and Missy Donaldson. Rather, their dog who loves to spoil his lawn…
But the clock is ticking and a secret disease Scott is progressing every day. Not reason enough to change something? Therefore, while the city prepares for an annual race in honor of thanksgiving, Scott, despite all odds, decides to help his neighbors become part of castle Rock and to establish their relationships with the residents. Will he be able to prove that every person, even cold as ice, has its bright side?…

We offer to your attention the introductory section and the cover of the book.

Download: PDF



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