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A military expert said, will continue to act Putin

Военный эксперт рассказал, как дальше будет действовать ПутинYuri, Karin pointed out the important moments.

Due to pressure of Western countries on Russia and their recognition of the fact of Russian military aggression against Ukraine, the Kremlin has changed the methods of war against Ukraine, going to attacks on the territory of our country.

This opinion was expressed by a military expert, chief editor of “Information resistance” Yuri Karin in his column on “Apostrophe”.

“The escalation in the Donbas is a natural element of pressure of the Russian Federation and this bald (Vladimir Putin – “the Apostrophe”). Factors that may be involved are many. From the violation of the “bread of the truce,” which they show that they do not care for all human values. To the fact that the President of France Emmanuel Makron starts to pull causal space, which is not like the great autocrat,” – said the expert.

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According to him, Donald trump is likely to join politics Rules against Russia, which could cause the Kremlin-inspired attacks in Western countries.

In addition, says Karin, the recent terrorist attacks, including in Kiev, you can call this a kind of “greeting” the day of the Constitution.

“It was a “Hello” to our intelligence services, which are very well drank blood. If we had fought, the last time in some moments began to nip at their heels. So they thus worked,” – said the expert.

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He stressed that the war continues and reaches a new level, including with the use of DRG and terrorist acts.

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