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A matter of honor: the fat cat defended a sausage from foxes

Дело чести: толстый кот отстоял сосиску у лисицыCats here are used to such “guests”.

Eyewitnesses filmed a fight between a cat and a Fox at the border of Russia and Poland.

The incident occurred at the border crossing Mamonovo-Gronowo. The cause of the conflict was the sausage that threw someone of standing in the queues of tourists.

“We stood on our side in the line, says Alina Markova, who witnessed the incident. And people are fed up of fat cats, Fox joined in, too. Our cats, their four pieces, easy to respond to the Fox, for them it is nothing new. She carefully took everything that they ate. Well then, the cats gave her a little spanking”.

In 2018, it was reported that a Fox broke into the home of a British woman, attacked her and broke her finger. The attack occurred in the morning when the woman was reading a newspaper and drinking coffee.

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