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A little-known Islands of Europe that is worth visiting. Photo

Малоизвестные острова Европы, которые стоит посетить. ФотоNot worse than in the tropics.

We have all heard about these island resorts like Crete, Cuba, the Maldives, Ibiza, Bali or Haiti. But there is in the world and other beautiful Islands of land in the middle of the seas and oceans, which is also worthy of attention and admiration. They are not as visited by foreign tourists, but their beauty still more attractive.

1. The Island Of La Maddalena, Italy

Малоизвестные острова Европы, которые стоит посетить. Фото

In the area of the second largest Mediterranean island of Sardinia, above the water rises approximately 60 Islands of the archipelago of La Maddalena. The eponymous island of La Maddalena (Isola la Maddalena) is not less visited by tourists resort than Sardinia, but here come the lovers of true silence and peace, not seekers of noisy bars and crowded the embankments. This land is famous for its picturesque beaches and turquoise sea, and Roman ruins, charming bays and ideal conditions for sailing.

2. Pantelleria, Italy

Малоизвестные острова Европы, которые стоит посетить. Фото

This place once even received international attention thanks to the film “Big splash” (A Bigger Splash, 2015), in which he played Tilda Swinton and Ralph Fine (Tilda Swinton, Ralph Fiennes). “Even” — because usually the island of Pantelleria (Pantelleria) are not so popular among tourists. Moreover, he is considered one of the least visited corners of the Mediterranean. The map of Pantelleria looks like a modest black speck, lost in the waters between Sicily and Tunisia. This sparsely-populated “black pearl” of the Mediterranean sea is a land of volcanic origin with a rugged rocky coast and terraced hillsides covered with wild shrubs. Houses here are mostly owned by the stars, not seeking outside attention, and prefer blissful solitude. In Pantelleria there are no azure beaches with sandy areas, therefore, the island earned a reputation as a resort town. But if you like the wild beauty of untamed nature and silence, Pantelleria exactly like you.

3. Kastellorizo, Greece

Малоизвестные острова Европы, которые стоит посетить. Фото

Of megisti (Castelrosso), is one of the smallest and cutest of the inhabited Islands of the Dodecanese (the Dodecanese), and you can get here either by air or by ferry from Rhodes. Yachts and boats easier sail to the beaches of neighboring Islands, although local attraction, the Blue grotto (Blue Grotto), can easily compete in beauty with the far more well-known grotto of Capri (Capri). Kastellorizo is the most common name of this island, but actually its more ancient and current official name Megisti (Megísti). The word kastellorizo dates back to the 14th century when the knights Hospitaller erected here a fortress, called this land after the impressive castle, Castello Rosso (red castle).

4. Salina, Italy

Малоизвестные острова Европы, которые стоит посетить. Фото

Salina (Salina) – one of the Aeolian Islands (Aeolian, Aeolian Islands), and on some shots the Oscar-winning film the Postman (Il Postino, 1994) lit up this piece of wild land. The entire archipelago is of volcanic formation, and its Islands easily reached by regular flights from the Sicilian ferry sailing from Naples and Messina (Naples, Messina). In Salina, home to about 2,300 people. Geologically the island is composed of 2 dormant volcanoes, the height of the highest of which is 968 meters above sea level. The last eruption here happened almost 13 thousand years ago.

5. Ile de Bendor, France

Малоизвестные острова Европы, которые стоит посетить. Фото

Once uninhabited, the island Ile de Bendor (Île de Bendor) was bought by a French millionaire, industrialist and environmentalist Paul Ricard (Paul Ricard) in the 1950-ies. The next decade Ricard spent equipping the place to your taste and in accordance with their vision that made the island one of the most fashionable and prestigious locations in the South of France. In his time on île de Bendor vacationing celebrities such as Salvador Dali, Melina Mercouri, Josephine Baker and Jean-Paul Belmondo (Salvador Dalí, Melina Mercouri, Josephine Baker, Jean-Paul Belmondo). Here today love to spend their vacations for very wealthy people. The Ile de Bendor is not as energetic as the more popular resort town of Bandol (Bandol), located a few hundred kilometers on the mainland of France, but there are plenty of tennis courts, swimming pools for water sports and even a number of art studios.

6. Meganisi, Greece

Малоизвестные острова Европы, которые стоит посетить. Фото

Meganisi (Meganisi) – one of the smallest and quaint Islands of the Ionian sea, located near the East coast of the more famous island of Lefkada (Lefkas). To get here you first have to fly to the mainland city of Preveza (Prevesa), and then spend about an hour by car and ferry. In the end the reward will be not only lovely beaches and friendly taverns, but also the beautiful surroundings, popular among hikers. A local landmark is a lively port of Vathi (Vathy) with a beautiful promenade.

7. The Cies Islands, Spain

Малоизвестные острова Европы, которые стоит посетить. Фото

The locals call the Islands of Cíes (Cies Islands) “Galician Caribbean” or the “Galician Seychelles”, and understand them very easily, because Saskia the beaches are very similar to a tropical Paradise in the middle of Europe. The most famous and beautiful beach on the archipelago – Rodas (Rodas), and it lasted for 1200 meters between the municipality of Monteagudo and Faro Islands (Monteagudo, Faro). To the cies Islands, the tourists sail on yachts and boats from RIAs Baixas (Spa and wine region of the Iberian Peninsula). In the summer at the local marinas a lot of custom ships, and some visitors boats landed directly on the beaches, where lovers of relaxation in the moment, immersed in the delicate sand and spend all day on the shore and the whisper of sea waves.

8. The Island Of Vis, Croatia

Малоизвестные острова Европы, которые стоит посетить. Фото

Well-known journalist and traveler Adrian bridge (Adrian Bridge) called it an ideal place for villainous lairs from the movies about 007. “Although I was driving at 50-kubova scooter, not sharp Aston Martin, advanced spy devices, but at every turn a wonderfully picturesque road leading to the Northern edge of the Croatian island of Vis, I felt the real hero of Bondanime. It was impossible not to feel that somewhere ahead of me waiting for the lair of villain Stavro Blofeld (Stavro Blofeld’s), which at any time utter his famous words “I’ve been expecting you, Mr. bond”. The rocky coastline, dense forests and ancient embankments are an incredible composition that can be appreciated by any connoisseur of the beauty of quaint coastal resorts. The inhabitants are occupied in sphere of service of tourists, and also make a living out of fishing and viticulture.

9. IOS Island, Greece

Малоизвестные острова Европы, которые стоит посетить. Фото

Got lost in the middle of the Aegean sea, IOS (Ios) — this is a very beautiful island, modestly stretching to a length of 18 kilometers and a width of 10. The population is about 2000 people, and their main source of income is tourism. They say it was here that he met his last hour the great poet Homer. IOS you waiting for acoustic concerts, cultural attractions (museums, ruins of towers, fortresses, old water tower, churches and temples), the festival of fruit abundance and, of course, the inimitable charm of the Greek Islands.

10. Cavallo, France

Малоизвестные острова Европы, которые стоит посетить. Фото

A symbol of exclusivity and elitism, a small island in the Mediterranean region, lost at sea, somewhere between Corsica and Sardinia, Cavallo (Cavallo) – the only inhabited island of the archipelago of LAVEZZI. The island is privately owned, therefore closed to the public. Once the Roman Empire, prisoners were sent here to collect granite and today at Cavallo rest only rich celebrities and high society, and as the transport is allowed to use only bicycles and electric vehicles. Say, a few years ago on the coast of this French oasis married herself, Alisia Keys (Alicia Keys).

So be it, get a few lesser-known paradises:

11. The Island Of Kea, Greece

Малоизвестные острова Европы, которые стоит посетить. Фото

While the boat maneuvers when entering in a modest port of Korissia (Korissia), you will not be able to see at the Marina with a flotilla of tour boats and on the waterfront there is no crowds of foreign tourists. It is not in the style of Kea (Kea), which apparently escaped the fate of Greek tourism boom. Travelers simply ignore this place because of the fact that from Piraeus (Piraeus, a major mainland port) no flights to the coast of Kea. Rest here mainly the Athenians coming to the island on weekends and holidays. Many of them have their summer houses, where the townspeople with the mainland rest from the noise of the concrete jungle. Interesting fact from the history: the island of Kea in the past the birthplace of the eerie tradition of suicide of the elderly. On the appointed day of older islanders adorned head wreaths, sang songs, feasted, and at the end of the feast drank the Hemlock (poison). Also among the local went before the legend of the magic source, drinking the water from which it is possible to lose sanity. The location of this spring is still unknown.

12. Koufonisia, Greece

Малоизвестные острова Европы, которые стоит посетить. Фото

Hidden in the waters of the Aegean Cycladic Islands between Naxos and Amorgos (Naxos, Amorgos), Koufonisia (Koufonissiа) is a group of two small Islands, ANO Koufonisi (Ano Koufonissi, Koufonisia Upper) and Kato Koufonisi (Kato Koufonissi, the lower Koufonisi). Islands separated by a 200-metre sea channel. Particularly attractive are considered to be the sandy beaches of the South coast of ANO Koufonisia, where the traveler wait for the landscapes of unimaginable beauty, and the color of the sea comparable to the artist’s palette, and according to eyewitnesses it seems fantastic richness and wealth of shades.

13. Marstrand, Sweden

Малоизвестные острова Европы, которые стоит посетить. Фото

Tourists come here to sail, swim, enjoy delicious seafood and walking along the Harbor, admiring the yachts and traditional wooden houses. Some of the most gorgeous panoramas of the entire island of Marstrand (Marstrand) and the whole district usually rise to the top of an ancient fortress, Carlsten (Carlsten).

14. Ile De Porquerolles, France

Малоизвестные острова Европы, которые стоит посетить. Фото

The great thing about the Ile De Porquerolles (Ile de Porquerolles) that he is very close to the noisy and crazy nice and Saint-Tropez (Nice, St Tropez), but at the same time as far from the madness of the resort centers, and almost no one knows. It is the largest of the three island groups Hyeres (Iles d Hyères), that does not negate the fact that it is very small. It accommodates only 200 people, and the area of Parceros is only 12.5 square kilometers. The island has had many owners, and once he even gave as a wedding surprise, but in 1971 the French government bought 80% of its territory, and declared the acquired land as a national Park to protect the scenic spot from the mass building. Ile De Porquerolles is the perfect place for walking, beaches and picnics.

15. The Island Of Sylt, Germany

Малоизвестные острова Европы, которые стоит посетить. Фото

Sylt (Sylt) is the largest and most Northern island of the Frisian archipelago (Frisian Islands), belonging to the area of Germany. The island is an elongated strip of sand connected to the mainland by a narrow Causeway with railway lines on which regular ride German trains. From Hamburg to come here almost 3 hours. Due to the influence of the Gulf stream Sylt offers a friendly climate with warm, Sunny summers that made sandy sushi is one of the favorite resorts of the country. 40 km of windy coastline on the Western side has become a popular place for training and recreation for windsurfers and kiters who spend the annual world championship. In the East of Sylt quiet silt-covered fields and extensive sand dunes which make up a third of the total land area in the North of the island is a vast wasteland. Such landscapes attract artists, nature lovers and those who are doctors since the 19th century, prescribed a walk around the island, whose air is saturated with iodine and has a healing effect.

16. Monemvasia, Greece

Малоизвестные острова Европы, которые стоит посетить. Фото

Rising directly from sea water, the medieval fortress town of Monemvasia (Monemvasia) got its name from two Greek words mone and emvasi, together meaning the only entrance. Judging by the photos it is easy to guess why the Greeks gave this place a name. In fact, the southern side of Peloponnese (Peloponnese, the region of the Balkan Peninsula), the mainland of Greece rests on a spectacular cliff rising over the sea at 97 meters tall. The width of this sushi is about 300 meters and the length is over 800 meters. In 375 BC the island was separated from mainland during a strong earthquake.

The upper town, where the main castle is now only ruins and a curious place for lovers lane and lovers of history. Among other attractions here is the famous Church of St. Sophia, a beautifully preserved Byzantine Church of the 12th century. The indigenous inhabitants of Monemvasia live in the lower city, where it is constantly restaurerede cobbled streets, built new hotels, cafes, restaurants and is 4 working Church (previously there were 40 of them!), including the Cathedral of Christos Elkomenos (Christ in chains, the largest medieval Church in southern Greece).

17. Island Of Solta, Croatia

Малоизвестные острова Европы, которые стоит посетить. Фото

Partly because of its harsh, partly due to its proximity to the famous resort centre of Split (Split) island of Solta (Solta) is often left unappreciated by the tourists that choose to bulk of the city’s more popular Islands of the region. This unspoiled civilization a piece of land refers to the Dalmatian archipelago (Dalmatian archipelago) and still remains the original home to thriving fishing communities and farmers, cultivating vineyards and olive orchards.

Split residents have long come to Sholta as a summer cottage, and the island is full of guest houses for rest of the day. Even the Roman Emperor Diocletian (Diocletian), whose centuries-old fortress in the centre of split is the main historical attraction of the ancient city, he loved to fish here in a tiny Bay, where he also had a personal thermal Spa. The Emperor liked to come here to take Wellness baths, to relax from the duties of the ruler and enjoy nature. Today there strong traditional way of life, and almost no foreign tourists.

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