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A list of rules that reduces weight without sports torture

Список правил, снижающих вес без спортивных истязанийLose weight with pleasure.

Every person who suffers from overweight wants to lose weight and for beauty and for health. Because today already for anybody not a secret that extra pounds do not only spoil the figure, but also have a negative impact on the musculoskeletal system, heart and vascular condition, etc.

However, many obese patients nutritionist explain their appetizing forms lack the time and opportunity to observe a strict diet, a weekend to spend in the gym, and so Medical experts drew up a list of rules that will help reduce weight without painfully hungry diets and sports torture. You will be able to learn and work with high productivity, relax with pleasure, nor in denying themselves nothing – and losing weight!

1. The rejection of the serving! No, we do not encourage You to return to the primitive communal system! It is advisable to pay less attention and time to prepare a normal meal. Because, according to psychologists, elegantly decorated dining table stimulates appetite and makes to stay longer for a meal, which, consequently, increases the amount of absorbed food. The ideal option is a modest table setting, without excessive and intriguing decorations, with a predominance of neutral blue in the consciousness of human is associated with food.

2. The correct utensils. Dreaming to lose weight people should change utensils with large size and volume of plates on a small gently – this is Your normal food for Breakfast, lunch and dinner. The main thing – to fill during the meal a bowl only once, not allowing yourself to Supplement. Get used to the new norm will be difficult only in the first week of a healthy diet, and then gradually, the stomach will start to decrease and satiety, he will have enough food volume in one bowl.

3. A ban on the additive. As soon as dining table set, you should immediately remove it from the pot and pans with leftover food, so there was no temptation for the eyes and the stomach to eat an extra serving. In addition, nutritionists repeat once again: it is better to eat more often but smaller than torture yourself hunger all day until the promised hour, and after to load your body, which can not cope with the excessive volumes and will be sent into fat stores.

4. Place to dine. No wonder mankind invented the kitchen and dining room exclusively for cooking and absorption of food, while the other rooms in the house have us to rest, creativity or work, but clearly not for food. You can perform a simple experiment: to dine in the kitchen, and the next day in the living room watching TV or reading a book. It is likely that food portions are significantly different, because when we are passionate about, our brain can’t control the volume of food absorbed. In short, for food, you need to allocate a time and place where there are no strangers distracting items.

5. The use of spices. Few modern Housewives do not add seasonings, which are now widely available. And it is right not only from the point of view of cooking and nutrition. In addition to the savory taste and enticing aroma, spices stimulate digestion, speed up metabolism and reduce the desire and the body’s need for fatty foods and sweets – the main enemies of our figure.

6. Limit juices. It is now fashionable to speak of the gifts of nature that fill our bodies with valuable vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fiber, treat some diseases and rejuvenates. The most simple and delicious way to enrich essential substances is to drink a glass of freshly squeezed fruit or vegetable juice. However, do not get involved in juicing. Because fresh not really quench thirst nor hunger, nor thirst, but only to provoke appetite. Nutritionists believe that it was more appropriate to enjoy a piece of fresh fruit or vegetables and drink a glass of water. In addition, the fresh should be diluted with water to reduce the amount of sugar – fructose, which is contained in all fruits.

7. Correct purchase. In the grocery store you only go on a full stomach – otherwise, the probability that the hand will be pulled for the extra goods (often fast food – chips, crackers, cakes, etc.), which is on the way home will help to satisfy your hunger. It is also worth mentioning the shelves with junk food – candy, canned goods, etc., and to look at a display of dairy products, cereals, fruits and vegetables, cleansing the body of toxins.

8. Control of mind over emotions. You should try to control your eating habits, because we have a tendency to stress eat, usually sweet – springs “happiness hormone”, a high level in the blood which gives the person and uplifting.

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