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A large asteroid gets closer to Earth

Крупный астероид сблизится с ЗемлейExperts plan to conduct careful observation of the asteroid in the time it approaches our planet.

September 1 at the distance of seven million miles from the Earth, will fly by a large asteroid “Nightingale”. The size of the heavenly bodies will be approximately 4.4 kilometres in diameter.

On the approach of an asteroid was reported by the press service of the jet propulsion Laboratory at the California Institute of technology. The specialists stressed that, despite the gigantic dimensions, the celestial body does not represent a danger for humanity.

At the time of closest approach of an asteroid with the Earth, it will be 18 times farther from our planet than the Moon. At the same time, NASA experts said that this is the first time that this huge celestial body moving closer to the Earth.

“Many asteroids passed at a close distance from the Earth, but they were all smaller than “Florence”, – said the head of the Center for National management of the USA on Aeronautics and space research (NASA) the study of celestial bodies in near-earth space Paul Chodas. Experts plan to conduct careful observation of the asteroid in the time it approaches the Earth.

This will be used by the radio telescope in Arecibo (Puerto Rico) with the diameter of the reflector mirror 304 meters, and radars NASA in California.

The obtained data will allow to discern details on the surface of the asteroid the size of about ten meters.

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