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A hundred years to grow old without us: seven important secrets from centenarians

Лет до ста расти нам без старости: семь главных секретов от долгожителейCentenarians shared their own secrets, which allow them to live to a ripe old age in full health.

The level and duration of human life depends on many factors – is the place in which he lives, and his lifestyle and work and food and many other things. The desire to live a long life and to age in clear mind and good health is understandable, but not so easy to achieve this goal, although it is possible.

American writer Dan Buettner wrote a book called “Blue zone”, in which the maximum available revealed the theme of longevity and shared the secrets of people who lived over 100 years. According to the writer, some of the habits of centenarians are directly related to how many years they live, so you should look at it and maybe learn something for yourself.

So, seven main habits of centenarians:

1. To move. Centenarians do not overdo it physically, but move daily. It is possible to walk or to do morning exercises and to perform wet cleaning in their homes – all these actions are a good exercise for a person.

2. Not to overeat. Centenarians suggest to get up from the table, always hungry and generally appreciate life, and not what is on the table. Appropriate here, the phrase “eat to live, not Vice versa.”

3. To consume food of plant origin. People who live longer than 100 years I eat everything but in moderation. Meat and fish should be consumed at most 3 times a week. This would be sufficient for the human body.

4. More likely to eat nuts. Beneficial fatty acids in nuts antioxidants and will take care of your youth both inside and outside.

5. Not to abuse alcohol. All should be the measure and it for anybody not a secret. Centenarians afford red and white wines, in the extreme case – vodka, but in any case, these drinks better beer, low-alcohol carbonated drinks and so on.

6. Be calm and positive. A good mood and in a timely stress prolongs man’s life. Try out of any situation to come out with a sense of humor.

7. A large and strong family – the key to success in the matter of longevity. The more children the better. People Mature and advanced age often feel it is not necessary and therefore, so early go to another world. But if you grant their grandparents, many grandchildren, they will have to create the impression that you will not manage without them and they will simply have to move on.

Take these tips centenarians for myself and maybe you will be able to extend its life for a couple of decades.

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