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A huge Python was so full I couldn’t move

Огромный питон так наелся, что не мог шевелиться The snake swallowed the two goats, after which they were caught.

In Malaysia, the Python became a victim of its own greed and gluttony. Residents of a village in Pahang saw this morning, as the corral lies a giant snake. But the reptile wasn’t trying to escape.

As it turned out, Python has broken through the fence and ate two goats. However, the production was too heavy and hearty, so hearty lunch had to digest on the spot. Doing this, the villagers caught the snake gorged itself.

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The Raptor was so lazy that almost did not resist. People were able to associate and load into the van.

Witnesses claim that it was the longest Python, which they have ever seen: about 5 meters.

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