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“A hero of our time” and zombies

Review of the novel “Fatalist” authored by Victor Glebov.

I confess, before I was not interested in the genre masapa in the literature. Knew there was such a Seth Graham-Smith, for example, that his book, which mixed classical themes and all undead, but he did not read. Is that a movie about Abraham Lincoln and vampires looked, and with a fair pleasure, for fun. However, no laws of the genre, when such exist, I do not know. Therefore, to assess “the Fatalist” I am a bit difficult, but on the other hand, is not prohibited by law.

Yes, and the first novel in the series “the worst book” I could not miss. Of course, my attitude is very biased, indeed, in the framework of the “SSK” and my stories came out, but nevertheless, I’m free to assume — and believe — this series advanced for contemporary Russian horror. Of course, the project is far from perfect, but it is a successful experiment from year to year gives interesting results, develops and blooms.

But back to the “Fatalist”.

As you might guess, before us is a literary mashup, which is based on none other than “Hero of our time”belonging to, in turn, Peru illustrious of Mikhail Lermontov. In a sense here of the XIX century Russian classic meets Boris Akunin, which is probably also aiming for the classics, only the twenty-first century. In short, lyrical-psychological novel is interwoven with the detective, well, myself Glebov brings more and mysticism.

The Central character is still the same Grigory Pechorin, a cold-blooded young man, familiar with the whistling of bullets, vicious in their reflection, in a cruel manipulation of other people, desperately balancing on the precipice of cynicism. The image of an era by and large. Yes, I tell you? Probably, too, wrote an essay in school!

So Petersburger Pechorin arrives to Pyatigorsk for treatment of water, which gradually becomes acquainted with the local society a little parody of the upper light. Here and Princess Mary, and Dr. Werner, and Juncker Grushnitski, and finally Faith, old love Pechorin. Everything in the collection. Behind Pechorin is not a good story, which he tries to take refuge in this peaceful location. However, according to the tradition the hero has several other plans that until then he keeps secret from the reader. And the place is not so quiet.

A mysterious murder! Yoo-hoo!

Yes, it is soon revealed that the city wielding psychopath, brutally cracking down on the victims. Mysterious signs, wide circle of suspects and the smell of shit. And then there’s the visit of the Empress on the nose! In short, without thinking, the mayor directs this dark thing just arrived the officer Pechorin, known for his sharp wit and love of puzzles. And if he separativity, the Prince and the dirt is.

Interestingly, the author literally from the first sentence tries to say (or warn): not Lermontov, not “boring classic”. No, then immediately whether a zombie, or a sinister Ghost of the past, described here in such vivid terms…

instead of the lower jaw gaped failure, and the red mess, disfigured by the poison, was a corroded flesh and gave off an unbearable stench.

Obviously, this prologue and terrible and beautiful cover by Alexey Provotorov designed to prepare the reader to further sheet and the riot of imagination. However — good or bad — you will not find here. The work went very easy, designed for a mass audience. Moreover, the most interesting thing here is just “a Hero of our time” and the detective-mystical line, built parallel to the familiar story, with all the enticing items is quite easy and in itself would hardly be viable.

Can I call it a serious drawback of the novel? Probably not. The author of the bad shuffles the events from the original novels by Lermontov, often using direct quotes from the original, but something alters. For example, “honest smugglers” replaced Lovecraftian monster, and it is very harmoniously perceived as if it was.

Added new locations, such as the morgue, the psychiatric hospital and the house of Satanists. The first two places turned out to be not particularly interesting, but the satanic Orgy is a funny episode.

But the most successful and interesting innovation Glebova I think the ending of the relationship Pechorin and Vera. This is where the classics really starts to play on the new. Unfortunately, without spoilers it is difficult to explain my enthusiasm, so you’ll have to take my word for it. Let the act of Faith — a brief moment in the narrative, but it comes in a smart controversy with the original, logical way, developing the story, as well as offering the reader a new morality.

Well, all of these diabolical things, sold souls, explosions, other worlds, duel, and “Russian roulette”, which Viktor Glebov followed the same Akunin refers to “us” — all this is also quite funny, sometimes action-Packed, etc., but as I said, almost does not distract from Lermontov history.

And you know, I’d recommend this novel to contemporary students, thus who are too lazy to read what is asked for is liter. Of course, then we have yet to master the original, in order to avoid confusion in the classroom (imagine the surprise of the teacher when he will hear about the split with the girls and transcendent evil), but it will be easier.

I remember in my youth, “the Hero of our time” came to me very well. Anyway in class a was impressed. Cynics now in favor, and Pechorin easily relate to add-on, especially if not bother. And most importantly, a novel simple and folding tongue. Text Glebova even more easy and smooth. Styling occasionally limps, meet modern phrases, but reading it does not interfere.

By the way, read “the Fatalist” can be in the Area of Horror, that immediately, on the spot, to make sure in my words. Well, or challenge them. How and where to buy the book, too, will understand, if that.

Of course, there are those who are already yelling and angry, they say, hands off the Russian classics! Such hysteria will always be. Let us not pay attention to it, okay? Mikhail rolled over in his grave. The original novel was not injured. Your love for him shouldn’t either.

The reader is given the opportunity to have fun and remember one of the coolest works of the XIX century. This “Hero of our time” and zombies. “A hero of our time” and serial murder. “A hero of our time” and the devil. This is a light mystery with a few splashes of meat and at least llight detective, which is perfect for a wide circle of readers.

But first and foremost it’s just a “Hero of our time”, a recognizable and new at the same time.

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