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“A government that hears the people, need to be replaced”

«Власть, которая не слышит людей, должна быть заменена»

The author of the petition for the resignation of the head of Tatarstan of “junk protest” in Kazan. Interview

In Russia there was “Ties-2” — a new point of protest around the “trash reform”. For two weeks the protesters lived in a camp on the outskirts of Kazan, where a subsidiary of Rostec plans to build one of the five incinerators. To talk with the protesters, no one. 16 Dec drove the riot and dispersed the people, arresting 19 people. As of midday today they issued fines for 167,5 thousand rubles. One was given seven days of administrative arrest. In response, the protesters posted on a petition demanding the resignation of the head of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov and promise to continue their resistance. About what is happening in Kazan talked with a member of the disbanded camp, worker at Higher school of Economics, doctor of sociology Iskander by Asviewer.

“All Kazan gets in the risk zone”

— Can you tell me where it is planned to build a waste incinerator plant in Kazan, around which now sparked the protest?

Is a village of aspen. It is located in Zelenodolsk district of Tatarstan, but tends to Kazan. I would say that this is a feature of the city. The field itself is designated under the waste incineration plant, located next — in Zelenodolsky district.


— How far is it from Kazan?

— Much closer to Kazan than to the city of Zelenodolsk. Within 10 kilometers from the city of Kazan is on this platform. Environmentalists had hoped the radius of the emissions from the incinerator in case if it will be built. Got the figure of 16 kilometers. Given the winds all Kazan gets in the risk zone.

«Власть, которая не слышит людей, должна быть заменена»Group in social network “Vkontakte” “No incineration plant in Kazan”

— When did the protest?

— It all started about two years ago. On this occasion, actually passed a few dozen meetings. All peaceful. I myself participated in some…

— What caused people to go to rallies?

— It was announced about the plans of Rostec to build five incineration plants in Russia: four factories — in Moscow and one — in Tatarstan. Actually, the main thing that was demanded by the opponents of this construction, to provide a blueprint for the future incinerator. This project is necessary to conduct public environmental review. But the problem is that the project documentation of the public is still not provided. Every day it causes more and more questions.

— Now the construction is already underway?

— Absolutely. How to start the story with the campground? About two weeks ago began the construction of massive roads to the future site of the incinerator. The road is indeed very thorough. Serious sand cushion, on top of a serious layer of gravel. It’s obvious that the road is built thorough. According to documents shown by the builders, this is not new construction, and reconstruction of existing roads on agricultural land. This information surprised everyone. Locals know that no road here at all was never. Moreover, for its construction was cut down forest. Dozens of trees had to knock him down. In their place, in fact, stood the camp. He tore the construction of the road. Directly in the alignment of the road stood.

— Some permits builders showed before you start to cut down trees?

Yeah, they showed some papers, but, in my opinion, they were not yet even signed.

“Were constantly visited by employees of the interior Ministry, listening to our conversations”

— Who organized the camp?

— These were the same participants of the protest movement who demanded to show them the draft of the future waste incineration site. These are the most different people, in terms of age, professional affiliation and nationality.

Is only the citizens of Kazan?

— Were mostly residents of nearby communities: Aspen, Novonikolayevsk, Rainbow, Sochi. Some of them are located just a few kilometers from the future plant. Were residents of different districts of Kazan. Not only Aviastroitelny district that is closest to this place. People came from other cities and regions of Tatarstan. For example of Vysokogorsky area of Zelenogorsk. To support us arrived a blogger from Perm, Oleg Burilov. He arrived with his tent, and he too was detained.

«Власть, которая не слышит людей, должна быть заменена»Iskander Iskander Saveinstance Jasaveev on Facebook

— How many in the camp were the tents?

— Before the crackdown there were seven tents. One of them is a large army tent with a stove in which the attendants were sleeping. The rest was used to stay day and to store your necessary things and products. Was still kitchen.

— How many people was how widespread were the protests?

— The number varied. Weekends during the day reached 200 people. At night on weekdays remained, sometimes 7-10 people. But on average, we believed, was for 80 people.

— While the camp stood, there was some reaction from the local authorities, builders and security forces?

— Just this-the whole thing! The government responded with total silence, and then broke up the camp. No offer to sit down at a round table to hear our arguments, to present papers on the plant — nothing has been done. As for the security forces. Periodically came the chief Osinovskaya

police Department. He behaved very kindly. All shook hands, smoked, drank tea with us. Apparently, I watched that in the camp was not drunk and was all right. By the way, in our camp, as Cheese, was immediately introduced prohibition. Were constantly visited by staff of the centre “e” of the Republican interior Ministry. They took the car numbers of the participants periodically went to the fire and listened to our conversations. I must say that we treated calmly. No mystery of our actions did not. Even the tea they were treated. No aggression and stress were not. Builders reacted as expected sane people. In private conversations, all noted that they are people dependent and just carry out the order. Invited, by the way, we bask in your trailer.

— It’s kind of a local construction firm or as in Cheese, shift workers from other regions?

— Honestly, I don’t even know. It seems that the local structure. All the work they were not exposing any information Board.

“He started to act a riot: literally in the hands and feet have enough people”

— Yesterday began the rout of the camp?

— To my regret, I just haven’t spent the night in the camp. As far as I know the chat messages, the cordon started to build around 8:00. After that we gave a SOS signal. I myself came to the beginning of the tenth. By the way, they apparently had a car with jammers. After 8:00 all the messages from the camp came to an abrupt end, and for some time we did not even understand what is happening there. About 8:30, the police blocked their cordons all access roads to the camp. I had to drop the car at Novonikolayevsk and four locals to go by a circuitous route through the fields to get closer to the camp. When I arrived, by the way, we saw already a chain of Regardie employees in the field. There were many employees of Regardie, police officers, center “e”. There were some buses with tinted Windows. In the beginning of the tenth came the riot police, all in helmets and with batons. Started the whole military operation.

— The public wrote that counted about 500 security forces there yesterday?

It is hard to say. My feeling is that there were about 200 people. But they worked multiple shifts and changed periodically. We managed to approach the camp from the other side and was standing a few meters away from the cordon. Security forces, by the way, was well secured, they brought back even the portable toilets.

Like they did with those who remained at that time in the camp gave them the opportunity to quietly pack up and leave the place?

— As far as I know, they warned, demanding to leave territory. In response, the people in the camp said that they are citizens of Russia and have all the rights. Including the right to be in the forest belt, which is a public space. After that drove to him closely construction KAMAZ. It so happened that the people had blocked the road to cars. Then he started to act a riot: literally in the hands and feet have enough people. What is striking is that there were older women, pensioners who just came in this morning protesters hot potato to eat. And they, too, were missing.

— That is, they didn’t stay there even?

— It is not slept! It is ordinary women who came there at seven in the morning from a nearby aspen to feed the people. And also under hands and under feet Packed in buses. They especially did not speak, did not engage in some conversations. All this happened under the weeping and the cries. I confess, I saw Moscow for the detention, but that with older people… To me, it made a strong emotional impact.

“Courts lasted until midnight.”

— What happened to the detainees?

A total of 19 people were arrested. Immediately everyone was taken to the police Department of Zelenodolsk. Immediately began trials which lasted over midnight. The decisions of the courts was almost a blueprint. As a rule, were issued with fines of 10 thousand rubles for violation of article 20.2 of the administrative code [of the Russian Federation “violation of the established procedure of organizing or holding mass actions”]. Were more fines under article 19.3 of the administrative code [of the Russian Federation “disobedience to the lawful demands of the police”]. The most serious measure was chosen in relation to lawyer Andrey Zheleznov-Lipiec. He was given 7 days of arrest. To be honest, I do not understand what is behind this tough decision. A few have started to consider this morning, but their result did not know.

«Власть, которая не слышит людей, должна быть заменена»Page Iskander Yasaveev on Facebook

— After the dispersal of the protest camp in Kazan will be folded, what are the sensations?

Camp, indeed, removed. The place itself, as far as we know, immediately covered with gravel. But no despondency, no. Nobody sees it as a lose motion. Everyone thinks it’s just the beginning. If the construction of the plant continues, it will only cause a serious reaction. All chats are calls to unite. Now began the collection of funds for the payment of fines. I am sure that the solidarity of the people show and the money for the fines will collect. It is necessary about 200 thousand rubles now.

— Discuss any proposals to restore the camp?

— Not yet, but they will inevitably arise. Moreover, the situation thought-out and will try to make the camp less vulnerable to actions of the authorities. Although in this case there was no legitimate reason to kick people out.

“Alone, the power will be crushed, and the collective action will be much stronger”

— Experience camp in Cheese was used and whether in Kazan, in your opinion, to repeat the situation of the Russian North, where they protested thousands of people?

— The name of our camp, “Ties-2” appeared almost immediately. And that’s saying something. At all our camps have two names. In addition to “Ties-2” his name is still “Dioksinov”. The play on words kind of. Here, by the way, intensified contacts with Siecom, come sharing videos. Chat “Dioksinov” there are members of Chiesa among our protesters were the people who went there. Of course, it takes into account the experience of organizing camps in Cheese. For example, was immediately introduced prohibition. After three or four days adopted a Charter for the camp. People once said that defending the constitutional principles that it is peaceful and non-violent camp. I think all the movement will continue.

— Do you have the feeling that sooner or later scattered protests against garbage sites across the country will merge into a single environmental protest movement?

— Judging from the communication between Sieam-1 and Siecom-2, the groundwork for such an Association protests there. The goal, in General, and some values too. I do not see obstacles for the emergence of such movements. There is already a clear understanding that alone will crush the power and collective action will be much stronger.

«Власть, которая не слышит людей, должна быть заменена»Group in social network “Vkontakte” “No incineration plant in Kazan”

In Chiese people brought food from their gardens and clothing of the house, it all evolved into a common pot and used. However, they were immediately accused of financing from abroad…

— Here the same thing happens. Asking questions, which means there is camp.

— As far as reported, the land where you plan to build the plant belongs to the “RT-invest”, a subsidiary of the Corporation rostec. Co-owner of this structure, by the way, Andrew Shipilov, which was mentioned earlier in connection with “Plato”. The initiator garbage reform act Federal vaaste. But yesterday you wrote a petition to with the requirement to dismiss because of the history with the aspen Chapter of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov, why?

— The text of this petition was born yesterday when I just got back from camp. It was a reaction to what happened there. People asked to hear them and talk to them. It was a call to power. Instead, we saw a picture of hundreds of security forces, which are rigidly dispersed the camp. This despite the fact that our requirements were very simple: to provide project documentation and to conduct a public discussion on this topic. Nothing, not a single step forward! A government that does not hear the people who need to be replaced. Why Minnikhanov, not [Vladimir] Putin? To be honest, the military operation of this scale, I do not recall. Obviously, this could not happen without the knowledge and sanction Minnikhanov. He either participated in it or gave the order. In this sense, he is responsible for what happened.

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