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A Google engineer said about the spying iPhone users

Инженер Google заявил о слежке iPhone за пользователямиThe iPhone camera may monitor the user without his knowledge.

Engineer Google Felix Krause said that the iPhone could track the user, a camera without his knowledge. Details of the study he published in his blog.

Krause believes that as soon as the user provides applications for iPhone access to the camera, these are to follow him. This can even be shot without his consent as the main and front cameras.

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For example, he showed how the app can assess the mood and behavior of the user.

While Krause sure it’s not the fault of the system and its feature. And because of this, software developers can continuously monitor the users.

To protect themselves, in the opinion of the engineer, you need to be a special cover on the camera and deny applications access to it. In addition, he turned to Apple with the request to comment found.

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