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A German magazine called Putin a “dog”: there was the Kremlin’s reaction

Немецкий журнал назвал Путина "собакой": появилась реакция КремляThe Kremlin reacted to the German edition.

The Kremlin has reacted to the scandalous material is known from the German publication Focus, in which the President of Russia Vladimir Putin called a dog.

The position of the administration of the Russian President stated Putin’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov.

The article Focus dedicated to Angela Merkel, had written: “of Course she is afraid of the dog Putin, but she’s definitely not afraid of the dog-Putin.”

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“The fact that you mentioned publishing is known for its extreme subjectivity, in many ways, as for our country based on extreme Russophobia, so, let’s say, we do not show much interest in information activities in this publication, do not consider this a noteworthy source”, – said Peskov.

“On the other hand, any insult, of course, unacceptable. Rather it casts a shadow on the reputation of the publication”, he added.

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