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A geneticist has put forward an unusual theory about the origin of man

Генетик выдвинул необычную теорию о происхождении человека According to researchers, humans are the hybrid animals.

Eugene McCurry, a geneticist from the USA, said that people can be the result of crossing pigs and chimpanzees. Man, by the way, is the world’s leading expert in the field of hybridization of animals.

According to the scientist, the human race is too similar to primates, it also has many genetic similarities to pigs. Maccari does not exclude the possibility that we could arise as the result of interbreeding of these animals.

A geneticist, by the way, does not confirm the veracity of the arguments. It only gives the facts, which reduce the situation to one logical conclusion. In pigs, as in humans, hairless skin, protruding nose, bright eyes and heavy lashes. In addition, the similarities of the cardiovascular system are so striking that scientists can study the human heart by the example of pork.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, a person has more in common still with the chimps. Perhaps we are the result of interbreeding several generations monkeys. But how to explain the fact that all hybrids are sterile?

The scientist notes that not all hybrids can’t reproduce. Some can produce offspring with the species who were treated the parents. Over time certain hybrids could be a separate species, firmly established genetically.

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