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A friend of 60 years, the Hawaiians were brothers

Дружившие 60 лет гавайцы оказались родными братьямиTwo residents of Hawaii were best friends for 60 years and at Christmas learned that they are brothers.

The younger brother of Robinson died when he was 19 years old, and he didn’t expect to ever meet his other relatives. Friends tried to find out information about their relatives on a special website, which provides services to study the family tree and the comparison of results of DNA analysis.

MacFarlane wanted to find on this site of his father, but the first in the list of matches in DNA saw the nickname Robi737. It turned out that MacFarlane and Robi737 have identical X chromosomes. Robinson also previously used this website to learn about the members of his family.

Friends called him Robby, and 737 room belonged to the flight of Aloha Airlines, the flights in which he carried out as a pilot. After further refinement, Robinson and McFarlane made sure that they have a common mother.

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“This is the best Christmas gift I can imagine,” said Robinson. The best friends plan to travel together and to spend old age.

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