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A fresh perspective on horror “Slumber: the Labyrinth of sleep”

Yesterday we watched a very intriguing excerpt from the horror film Jonathan Hopkins “Slumber”, this morning I was horrified localized name (“Slumber: the Mazes of a dream”, seriously?), and now look at a selection of fresh shots from the film. Did the creators decided to throw us a bunch of promotional materials? Well, and no one objected – a story about a family of sleepwalkers in the night haunts the creepy supernatural creature, promises to be interesting. And no, it’s not a remake of “Astral”, as it may seem on screen.

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Dr. Alice is studying nightmares and behavior of people in the dream herself while suffering from paranoid visions.
She tries to help a young family to get rid of the unbelievable horror that they face every night. But in the course of its work, Alice had to abandon the standard methods of treatment and realize that at night the souls of this family enters something otherworldly.
To save people from this evil, she will have to meet face to face with their own fears that haunt her entire life.

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In the Russian cinema “Slumber” coming January 11, 2018 – try not to sleep through the premiere, hehe.

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