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A fresh look at the new Pinched!

The last time about the impending 10th movie is nice, but in the last films much passed the rpm of the series “Hellraiser”, we heard as much in April. And even then, the authors delayed the promised deadlines, because the first “Hellraiser 10: the Court” had planned a show in March of this year. Thanks though, at the time, we drove the spectacular stack frame with a new Cenobite.

The role of the main character of the Saga, the demon Pinched, this time again takes the not canonical Doug Bradley (it seems that the actor agree to return only in the case of shooting a full remake, with blackjack and Barker), and little-known Paul T. Taylor. However, in makeup, he looks very good myself and it is much more convincing than poor Stephan Smith Collins in the previous section. Today we were given the opportunity to take a quick peek at the new Pinched.

Detectives Sean and David Carter are investigating a brutal serial killer terrorizing the city. To the rescue comes detective Christine Egerton, and together they fall deeper and deeper into the horror that may not belong to this world. Can the Justice, who yearn for a murder victim, also require the soul of Sean?

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