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A former NASA employee told me what they are about space explorers.

Бывший сотрудник НАСА рассказал, о чем молчат исследователи космоса According to the scientist, already found evidence of the existence of aliens.

In the past NASA employee Kevin Knuth said that the evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial life abound, but the government carefully concealed.

According to the man, sooner or later the aliens will show people, and the population of the planet will be to this completely unprepared. Consequently, the authorities of developed countries should cease to classify UFO sightings, and tell all the people.

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This information Kevin Whip, a researcher from the University of Albany, spoke at a meeting of ufologists. Scientists believe that people from cooperating with the aliens unable to obtain significant benefits in the form of new technologies, etc.

Now ufologists are excluded from any serious discussion of UFOs and from work on those or other scientific works. Quite a lot of information about the aliens is available to the authorities of great Britain, Canada, France, Brazil, Russia and other countries.

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When will disappear “classified” in the interest of UFO documents — a mystery.

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