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A former member got in an accident in Kiev. Video

Бывший депутат попал в ДТП в Киеве. Видео Igor Miroshnichenko argues that the culprit is another driver.

In Kiev, the former MP from the party “Freedom” Igor Miroshnichenko was involved in an accident on the Avenue of Victory. According to preliminary information, there were no serious injuries.

According to the reporter, the accident occurred about an hour ago. The incident happened opposite the Central registry office.

Faced two cars – a Honda and BMW of Igor Miroshnichenko. Now the cars are already on the sidelines.

The driver of the Honda claims that was moving in the third lane, driving at a speed of 90 km/h and says that in the front it clipped another vehicle drove past and his car was hit, it crashed into the BMW, at the wheel which drove the former people’s Deputy Igor Miroshnichenko.

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“We were driving on high-speed parts. Was a red car without turning to the left, he hit me, I hit the brakes and turned the wheel to the right, I got carried away,” said the driver of the Honda Azir Ramazanov.

Miroshnichenko claims that he was traveling at a speed of 50 km/h.

“I heard behind the sound, similar to the sound of the bike, which accelerates from traffic lights. It turned out that this is not the bike and the car, which is insane speed flying up my ass. He hit me, and then I took a little drive, stopped and reported to the insurance company and the police,” said the ex-MP Miroshnichenko.

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Note that the maximum speed limit on Victory Boulevard is 50 miles per hour.

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