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A former employee of the world Bank spoke about a secret world government

Бывший сотрудник Всемирного банка рассказал о тайном мировом правительстве According to this information, the world is governed by the Black Pope.

Conspiracy theorists have long been trying to prove that the power elite of this world are not people, but beings with extremely advanced intelligence.

However, the sofa experts is one thing, but a former employee of the world Bank is another. Karen Hudes a long time he worked in the banking sector (was an employee in the legal Department of the world Bank). She stated that the world is run not by the people.

If you believe the stories women on earth has a main humanoid, which is called the Black Pope. Representative of an entirely different kind of managed to seize power on the planet during the Ice age. Humanoid has incredible mental abilities and lack of emotion.

Also there is another form of aliens, which is radically different from us. Create are characterized by elongated skulls and a special DNA, which allows the mind to interbreed with humans. These create built structures that now people are admired, and drew up maps of the area.

According to Keren, the global economy is influenced by “a global network of corporate control”, which includes the legal entities of the financial sector and banking.

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