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A former employee of Rose Sabitova claims that her daughter got married under contract


“People meet, people fall in love, get married! Who aren’t that lucky, for me”, — wrote in his Instagram TV presenter rose Sabitova and promises to provide the second half of each. But his daughter’s happiness the main matchmaker of the country not been able to provide. Immediately after the wedding of Kseniya and her husband Andrey Snetkov has sold and now don’t live together. Rose with her daughter to hide this fact. At least, so says her former PR Director Ivan IRBIS.

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On the talk show “Talk show” John told the details of the conflict Rose daughter Xenia and her husband Andrey Snetkov. “I have seen Andrew many times. There is no love in his eyes. The guy had been out of Xenia. He arrived in Moscow, rose Sabitova gave it a place in your business, apartment, contents and car with the words: “Only Xenia already take my wife finally”. She’s a matchmaker, and the daughter can’t attach can. But Andrew since the wedding no one saw” — ironically Ivan IRBIS.

Fans Rose also expressed dissatisfaction with the choice of a husband for her daughter: “rose could find her daughter well, just a little more suitable, they’re not right for each other,” “Their wedding is called a contract!”, “After this show there’s no photos! The groom obviously got scared and dumped on another planet”, “let’s wait and see! For love?” (Spelling and punctuation authors hereinafter. — Approx. ed.).

Perhaps Ivan decided to take it out on the rose due to an old offense, to harm the reputation Sabitova. But maybe his words have some truth, because in recent months the main matchmaker of the country has not uploaded any photos son-in-law, although I showed the groom Xenia Network users. On top of that she has deleted my account on Instagram to be away from other people’s opinions.

We will remind, recently rose Sabitova said that to create a strong marriage feelings are not so important. In her opinion, a strong marriage can be concluded on the basis of shared interests, not mad love. “I think that Romeo and Juliet loved each other? No, they’re just United against a single enemy — parents. To all the girls, mothers and grandmothers have to explain how to choose a man and how to behave in the family. And if the girl will listen to wise advice, it will have a strong family,” shared Sabitova.

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