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A flagship smartphone Xiaomi Mi 2s Mix was released in the new color

Smartphone Xiaomi Mi 2s Mix, released this spring, which is the fashion models from Saami, were presented today in a new color scheme. The shade is called Emerald Green, jade has a smartphone or, if easier, green.

The new Xiaomi Mi 2s Mix will go on sale August 14 this year at the same price, what is installed on this smartphone in white ceramic package. Here ceramics are also used, so that the very top, and if you believe the developers, over his new tint specialists worked for about a year, trying to make it unique and the most profound. Xiaomi Mi 2s Mix in the color Emerald Green first released in China, but the version with global firmware will also be repainted so that you can safely discharge her from China. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

The specifications of the device have not changed. Recall that in September this year will be presented Mix Xiaomi Mi 3 smartphone, which already can be considered the frameless in the world. The scope of its screen will reduce to a minimum, and it will not have any front speaker, not even a selfie camera. The latter made retractable, so that she did not take his place on the front panel, but instead the dynamics of the voice is transmitted through vibrations of the housing.

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