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A female Ghost in a new scene from the horror film “the curse of the crying”

Throw another perspective on the horror film The Curse of La Llorona, which will premiere next spring. Fresh on the frame, sealed kids-heroes and Weeping woman, which will not allow them to get bored. I want to believe that the audience no need to yawn.

The film was directed newcomer Michael Chavez, which looked out producers James Wang and Gary Doberman. In the center of the plot – a famous folklore horror story. The rating R is attached.

La Llorona. A weeping woman. Terrifying Ghost, lost between Heaven and Hell and tired out into the terrible trap of fate, sealed with his own hand. The mere mention of her name sow fear throughout the world for generations. During the life of the woman drowned her kids in a fit of furious jealousy, threw himself in the raging river after them, crying in pain and despair. Now her tears and eternal death. Those who hear her death-cry in the night, is doomed. La Llorona lurking in the shadows and prey on children, desperately trying to make up for the loss of self. Centuries pass, it becomes more and more insatiable… and her methods are all the more horrible.

The film starred Linda cardellini (“Pedigree”), Patricia Velasquez (“the Mummy”, “mind Hunters”), Raymond Cruz (breaking bad), Janey Lynn Kinchen (“Out/”), Sean Patrick Thomas (“Halloween: Resurrection”, “American horror story”), Madeleine McGraw (“Pacific rim 2”), John Marshall Jones (Dexter), Roman Cristo and other actors.

To the Russian cinema picture gets 18 April 2019.

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