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A famous writer predicted the imminent collapse of Russia

Известный писатель предсказал скорый крах РоссииAlso the writer has spoken about the occupation of Crimea.

The Russian Federation may soon fall apart.

This statement was made by the famous writer and dissident Vladimir Voinovich.

“The time is at hand – and here’s why. The history of Russia is moving on the principle of the pendulum. Here and there, here and there. After today’s crackdown, after made a lot of stupid things… After all, the seizure of Crimea is not only a crime. This is a very great folly, it is such a burden for Russia. Maybe for Russia it is even worse than for Ukraine”, – said the writer.

He stressed that the seizure of Crimea is “like cutting out a man’s kidney, and yourself to sew, the third kidney.” In this case, even if the kidney is healthy, said Voinovich, the body will reject it.

“The next rule in Russia will inevitably attempt to repair the internal situation. We have a very strained relationship within society. A kind of civil war, when dissenters are called “fifth column”… there will Come a time when the country’s leadership will have to fix these errors. To establish the internal relations, to improve relations with the outside world. During the period of such thaws, reconstructions, reform of the state arms weaken. There is an influx of young forces, new figures, the political palette is becoming more diverse. But since the problem has already internalized many of the abscesses may burst. It is possible that Russia will disintegrate. It might be good,” Voinovich explained.

According to him, this will happen before 2042.

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