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A famous Russian journalist severely “walked” on the incident in Surgut

Известная российская журналистка жестко "прошлась" по инциденту в СургутеPublicist expressed their point of views.

The Russian authorities do not want to admit the terrorist attacks in the country, qualifying them as other crimes. About it on air of radio station “Echo of Moscow”, said Russian journalist Yulia Latynina.

“In Surgut… Artur Gadzhiev, who was killed with hoax bombs and whose father, as here already told us, is registered as an Islamist and an extremist. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack that the Investigative Committee has already said that he no evidence of a terrorist attack does not see. Well, clear the stump! Of course, this is no to the attacks is irrelevant. Well, it is clear that if the nanny Bobokulov shouting “Allahu Akbar” cuts the baby’s head and then stands in the metro, it is irrelevant to the Islamist attacks. If gang GTA for the sake of Allah kills drivers on the roads, then of course it’s irrelevant to the Islamist attacks,” she said.

The publicist said that the Russian authorities did not want to admit a terrorist attack, the destruction of the aircraft over the Sinai.

“Remember, over Sinai, we have a plane explode? So recently denied. Just US intelligence said, “Guys, it was a terrorist attack”, then I had to admit. Now we are told that “naturect” in Surgut is under personal control (investigation) of Mr. Bastrykin (head of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation Alexander Bastrykin. – “GORDON”). Well, then we can rest assured that Mr. Bastrykin paraskeue”, she continued.

Latynina has noticed that in Russia mock the politically correct Europe and claim that the Europeans show weakness in front of Islam.
“Even the Finns, when they have exactly the same way the Moroccan, who asked for political asylum, cut in Turku people say: “Yes, it’s a terrorist attack”. And we say, “No, you! It’s not a terrorist attack. And his dad – Yes, dad accidentally consisted on the account as an extremist.” Such cowardice himself even Europe does not allow. This comical, such weakness, such a denial… But we tell how we are there are struggling terribly with Islamism in Syria. The main thing is not in their native land. A little blood. But, of course, all of the Department for combating extremism busy, we struggle with supporters of Alexei Navalny”, she concluded.

The morning of August 19 in Russian Surgut man stabbed seven passers-by have informed in Investigatory Committee of the Russian Federation. All the victims were hospitalized with wounds of varying severity. Arrived at the scene, police killed the attacker. According to Sledkoma, is a local resident born in 1994. Law enforcement officers checking to see if he had any mental disabilities.

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