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A famous artist is found dead in the bathtub, she was in the 25th week of pregnancy

Известную художницу нашли мёртвой в ванной, она была на 25-й неделе беременностиThe body of 37-year-old artist from London, Francesca Lowe was found in a bathtub by her husband. The doctors say that the cause of death was heart disease and norovirus.

Francesca Lowe became famous thanks to numerous victories in art contests. She graduated from the Royal Academy of arts in London, her work has been exhibited in UK, USA and China. In 2003 the artist won the “Red house” (Red Mansion Prize), in 2004, the Deutsche Bank Pyramid Award for fine arts, and in 2008 represented the UK in the Beijing Biennale.

In 2012, during the first pregnancy, the doctors discovered Francesca’s and mitral valve prolapse in the heart. And in January 2013, Lowe was removed from the register in the hospital, as she did not attend the reception. The girl was sent a letter about the notice, but it is unknown whether she got it.

At the beginning of this, she again began to experience heart pain, she visited a cardiologist in the hospital Homerton. At this point the girl was pregnant with a second child. How to assure in the hospital, with the help of the law, appealed immediately.

23 January 2017 Francesca began to experience severe chest pain, moreover, she suffered from preeclampsia. She lost consciousness in my bathroom. Found her husband Gavin Nolan. He called an ambulance, but doctors couldn’t do. The child also could not be saved.

After opening the artist discovered a defect of the heart muscle and norovirus. According to statistics, 50% of cases of acute intestinal infections in adults and 30% in older children caused by noroviruses.

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