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A family of immigrants from Kamensk to Canada about the epidemic: “We gave money to support the enterprise

Семья эмигрантов из Каменска в Канаду об эпидемии: «Нам дали денег, поддерживают предпри

A family of immigrants from Kamensk in Canada about the epidemic: “We gave the money to support enterprise, we walk, ride bicycles”

Family Silencing from Kamensk-Uralsky some time ago moved to Canada, the couple settled in Montreal. And there, where the situation of coronavirus is not much better, watching what is happening in Russia and including in their hometown. In his story Portal KU66.RU they told about how is the situation there, the ocean.

– Here introduced the CHS and the Government immediately since the announcement of the quarantine was imposed the measures of social support of population: 2000 dollars a month people who lost their jobs because of the quarantine, sick with coronavirus, contact quarantined, SP, mothers with children in quarantine, seasonal workers, etc.

According to Larisa zeleninou the compensation issue to the population quickly, all the formalities can be carried out on the Internet, without any information — say, the check will be then, but the fact that people immediately started to receive money.

Added $ 300 to the child benefits to all children up to 18 years, gave 75 percent of the subsidies to medium and large enterprises, has lost more than 15 percent of income because of the coronavirus, lists the immigrant.

The company, which employs herself Larissa, first sent 300 workers in the downtime, and they immediately began to receive $ 2,000, but after the adoption of measures to support enterprises has brought back the state now pays full salary. “Even if you do not work”, – said Larisa Zelenina.

– People live in peace, you know what will be than to pay for an apartment, to eat, says she. These measures adopted until four months. We are not fined for walks, runs, trips… Yes, companies can not be collected, people follow these rules. In the shops at the entrance to all disinfect hands (almost no mask wear). Went yesterday to donate blood to the lab, all very well, no queue.

The woman says that she is very sad to realize that in Kamensk-Uralsky it is not so.

While Larissa says that the risk of catching the virus in the fresh air in any city is minimal – “unless in his mouth to the other person to climb.”

Therefore, it is not clear why walk not in companies, and one by one, forbid.

– You know the level of dilution of the concentration in the fresh air? – says the woman. – You remember the recommendations for seasonal flu? If You will sit in a closed room a month, You will weaken your immune system and catch any infection already. We live in Montreal, we have an official quarantine, and not strengthening, while we can walk, run, ride bikes, not fined for it. It is impossible to gather companies, the police to disperse, if you do not listen to (which is rarely), prescribe a penalty.

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