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A drunken accident in Kiev: two victims

Пьяное ДТП в Киеве: двое пострадавшихA car almost fell on the cafe.

Yesterday evening, December 1, in Kiev, at the intersection of Theodore Dreiser and the prospect of Vladimir Mayakovsky, the accident occurred. A drunk driver crashed into a bed and the bumper.

It is noted that the bumper saved the car from falling to the cafe located above it. Together with the driver there were three passengers. Upon arrival of the police at their place was no longer there.

“Some miracle has done without lethal consequences. The driver is hospitalized, one of the passengers, who returned for the mobile phone, after she disappeared, too, seated in the carriage “first aid” (broken head, bruise on the face)”, – stated in the message.

The police asked the driver to show all the necessary documents, but he refused to do it.

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