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A device that transforms dry air into the water

Создан прибор, превращающий сухой воздух в водуWorld stocks, nourishing all life fresh water continues to recede more and more people in many arid regions suffer a shortage of drinking water.

In the US, a device for extracting water from dry air. The device invented by scientists from UC Berkeley and mit who were trying to solve the problem of water shortage in arid California.

Thus, to obtain a few liters of water the device requires only sunlight. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

The development is based on ORGANOMETALLIC frame structures (metal-organic frameworks, MOF) compounds comprising metal ions or clusters connected by organic ligands. Some MOF have a porous structure and capable of holding liquids or gases.

In 2014 researchers have developed a new material of this type based on zirconium and adipic acid, are able to absorb water vapor. Then the team under the leadership of Omar Yaga turned to the experts from mit and proposed to use new material to create drainage systems.

To make a prototype, it took them about kilogram of crystals of ORGANOMETALLIC frame structure. The material is placed between the solar energy absorber and the condenser. Water vapor from the ambient air lingered porous MOF and gathered in small groups. Sunlight heated the material and water molecules started to move to the condenser because its temperature was lower. There the steam condensed, and drops of water going into the tank.

12 hours the prototype was 2.8 liters of water at a relative humidity of 20% to 30%. This extremely low humidity, even in the Sahara desert, the relative humidity is on average 30 to 50%.

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Создан прибор, превращающий сухой воздух в воду

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