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A device GrayKey for hacking the Apple iPhone

Former Apple engineers as part of the company Grayshift designed a device GrayKey, which looks very much like the TV-the Apple TV. But it is created entirely for other purposes – this small size boxes is suitable for any modern hacking of Apple’s smartphone.

To unlock the Apple iPhone have GrayKey goes from 3 hours to 3 days – it all depends even on a model cell, and the complexity of the password set by the owner. How exactly does GrayKey, and what is inside it, the developers are not reported, but important is the fact that to keep the smartphone connected to this device throughout the process is not necessary – only a few minutes at the start and a couple seconds at the end of the work that the device can return the data hacking in the phone memory.

Of course, nobody is talking about mass production GrayKey – this device will be assembled to order, and it will cost US $ 15,000 for the iPhone, locked under a specific network, and $ 30,000 for all IPhones. Customers, of course, are the intelligence agencies, and criminals, who again will start to steal Apple phones, hack them, and then look for memory information that can be sold to the owner or to private individuals.

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