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A day in ATO wounded one soldier

За сутки в АТО ранен один военныйIn just the past day illegal armed groups 22 times violated the truce.

In the area of ATO the end of the last days, the situation remained tense, however, is fully controlled by the Ukrainian army. After 18 hours, the militants continued shelling the positions of ATO forces in all directions with the use of infantry weapons.

This reports the press center of staff ATO.

So, in the direction of Donetsk, in the evening the Russian occupation groupings of various types of rocket-propelled grenades and heavy machine guns hit on our strong points near zaytsevo, Avdeevka, Kamenka, Luhansk and Varnetresk. Also at the end of the day by machine-gun fire were the defenders of the Majorcan and Butovka.

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From the same weapon, in the seaside area of the occupants fired at positions Armed forces of Ukraine from Crimea, Novoaleksandrovka. And heavy machine guns and small arms militants used in the area of Novozvanovka and Popasnaya.

On the Mariupol direction, the evening under the fire of enemy rocket-propelled grenades hit the fortifications of the ATO forces near Marinka and Starognatovki.

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In just the past day illegal armed groups 22 times violated the truce. Ukrainian soldiers 15 times harshly answered the enemy with weapons not prohibited by peace agreements. In the fighting one of our soldier was injured.

За сутки в АТО ранен один военный

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