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A dark night in Hell’s Kitchen: a review of the comic book “Daredevil. Noir”

30-ies of the last century. In a seedy area of new York called Hell’s Kitchen blind since childhood, Matt Murdock all day fighting for justice. Day – as a private lawyer, by night as the masked vigilante known as Daredevil. But once accustomed to the constant threats from the streets of the hometown hero will face a powerful opponent, who came from the outside and is going to clean up the Kitchen into their own hands.

“Daredevil. Noir” is a bit of an interesting experiment Marvel at the premises of well-known characters (such as Spider-Man and Wolverine) into the atmosphere of “black” detective. Hence the scene following established Canon – a private detective is visited by a femme fatale and asks to protect her from mortal danger. A similar case for a character like Matt Murdock is not rare, but this story still stands out from traditional comic book about the devil from Hell’s Kitchen. Fortunately, it turned out a brisk, exciting and not suffering from obvious excess.

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For some stereotyped and predictable to abuse this story is completely pointless, you’ve got to admire the flow. It’s a traditional Noir, with all the consequences: in this form more important than content (think of the classic “Deep sleep”, confused in your own scripts and at the same time remaining a recognized gem of the genre). However, some critical and very interesting update of a familiar story still exist. For example, the arch-enemy of Daredevil, a crime boss Wilson Fisk, is not only aware of the identity of the hero, but also not hesitate to work with him side by side to achieve goals. Besides him, as a guest of Labeled antagonist acts in a rather unexpected interpretation. And Daredevil can now magnify, Rozbyshaka – so often in this story he chooses to enter the room not through the door, and through the window.

Panache performed great – every scene is as grim, but snatches from the darkness the most the right parts. And, like any self-respecting dark detective, almost in each of the scenes there is a heavy rain. Even in terms of design, the comic was a cut above the same “Spider-Man. Noir”, at least an interesting look at the costume of Daredevil, who had large, sharp horns.

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“Daredevil. Noir” proved to be one of the most entertaining and stylish of the coolest stories about this character. To classics like “Born again,” she, of course, as the moon, but to look at a familiar story from a completely new angle is always interesting, and it is this possibility, the authors used the full.

And finally, a little life hack: I read the comic from cover to cover under the album “Eat Me, Drink Me” Marilyn Manson. Full immersion with this soundtrack is guaranteed.

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