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A dangerous property of green tea

Обнаружено опасное свойство зеленого чаяThis drink is good for health in General, only if they are not abused.

We are talking about green tea. The therapeutic properties of this drink known since ancient times. Green tea strengthens the immune and cardiovascular systems, it is useful for the brain and protects against cancer.

However, a new study has shown that high dosage of green tea negatively affects women’s health, in particular on the reproductive system.

Scientists from the University of California investigated a special type of Drosophila. It turned out that the abuse of this drink led to reduced fertility. Experts also recommend not to overdo the intake of dietary Supplements containing green tea extract.

As you know, green tea contains a substance polyphenol. Scientists injected different doses of the substance in larvae and embryos of flies. It turned out that after entering the polyphenol, the larvae started developing at a slower rate and was born with a small weight, also produced fewer children.

The researchers also noticed that female animals to 17% reduction in the life expectancy also decreased fertility. When they injected high doses of green tea, which contains polyphenol, this eventually led to problems with the ovaries, caused the atrophy and various anomalies in the structure of the reproductive system.

Experts believe that the sample of this study should caution women who plan to become mothers. Young women should not be abused green tea, otherwise it can lead to cell death reproductive system.

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