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A curious Hippo came to visit at the gas station

Любопытный бегемот пришел в гости на автозаправкуHippo seen in one of the cities in South Africa.

A curious Hippo went to a petrol station in one in the small town of St Lucia on the North-East of South Africa.

Video of the appearance at the gas station an unusual visitor was shot on July 20th one of the visitors.

Innes Minnie drove to the station to buy food and soft drinks, and was the only one of all visitors and employees who tried to hide at the sight of the Behemoth, which is known for its aggressive and often attack people. According to Minnie, he more wanted to test the camera of his new phone.

The man managed to shoot a hippopotamus slowly marched through the territory of the gas station and went further down the main street of the city. Then the animal was placed in one of the adjoining lawns to graze.

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