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A coup in Venezuela for Venezuelan money

Переворот в Венесуэле за венесуэльские же деньги

This is something new in the expansionist policy of the United States, but it is well within the tactics of the current President, the huckster Donald trump.

The US government in the face of state Department gave the leader of the Venezuelan opposition Juan, Guido, declared himself interim President, access to the accounts of the government in American banks.

In other words, the United States officially opened a channel of financial support, provision of turmoil in Venezuela.

Before States worked more subtly. Usually the opposition was financed from official and conspiratorial American funds. In the case of Venezuela, the United States dropped all sorts of masks and veils and openly showed the world, whose money produced a coup in Venezuela. On the Venezuelan.

All this is well visible hand of trump. Everywhere he tries to shift the financial burden at the time the US took on partners in blocks, alliances, organizations. NATO trump requires more generous to fork out the allies. At the initiative of the trump, the US withdrew from the Paris climate agreement, changed the terms of its participation in the North American free trade area (NAFTA), etc., etc.

Trump the brackets makes only one important fact. His charity, the U.S. has always paid for blank pieces of paper, which they need in the quantity supplied by the fed. And today, trump demands to pay in all sorts of alliances-agreements with their partners real money. Feel the difference?

Here in Venezuela the US is not going a cent to pay out of pocket to the solubility of a coup. Everything will be done with the money then the blood of the Venezuelans themselves.

At the same time the US and its loyal allies financially destabilize the government of Maduro. The U.S. froze assets of Venezuelan state oil company PDVSA, which is $ 7 billion. The Bank of England refused to return the gold reserves of Venezuela. That is, every effort is made to destabilize the socio-economic situation in Venezuela and the maximum weakening of Maduro in the country.

Why is the United States? This is not just lazy writing. The Americans intend to restore its status quo in Venezuela, undermined during the times of Hugo Chavez, a policy which was continued by Maduro. This means, to displace from the region Russia and China, whose influence on Venezuela in recent years has greatly increased, and to restore full control over Venezuelan oil.

However, the United States, giving his accomplice the troublemaker and rebel, Guido access to the accounts of the government in us banks, given into the hands of the official authorities of Venezuela’s biggest trump card. Once Guido use at least one dollar from the accounts of the government of Venezuela, in the same moment he turns into a criminal, which on the whole hog to prosecute according to the laws of Venezuela.

So, Guido the alternative is simple: either sink or swim.

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